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Why Public Transportation is Actually Really Beautiful!


One of my very favorite things about attending UC Berkeley is that I don’t just attend UC Berkeley, but I also attend music festivals at Treasure Island, Christmas time in Union Square San Francisco, local swanky restaurants in Oakland, and pretty much whatever else strikes my fancy. How do I do this you ask? Do I have the power of flight, or some magical space car? Why no, in fact I don’t need even a regular car to do any of these things. I find my way to all these fantastical places and experiences through the power of public transportation.

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Eternal Sunshine of the Berkeley Kind!

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.32.55 PM

If any of you, like me, have most of your friends on the East Coast then you will be familiar with the constant barrage of grumbly Facebook statuses, Instagram posts, and Snapchats about the historically freezing weather there. It’s almost surreal seeing them enjoy snow days and layer up in all sorts of bulky sweaters. Sitting here in temperate Berkeley, I just cannot seem to relate to the winter experience I keep hearing about from my friends on the other side of the country.

Yet, I don’t lose sleep over it. At all. It isn’t even the end of February and I have already forgone my usual jacket and pants for the all-too-comfortable t-shirt and shorts. Berkeley residents often describe the weather here as erratic, and while it does fluctuate, the limits (forgive me for using that term, after Math 53 I never want to see it again) are very pleasant. It rarely gets too cold and rarely gets too hot. It’s always relatively pleasant. Granted we have our fare share of foggy days here as we are in the San Francisco Bay Area, after all. However, the fog only lasts for a few hours on average, enough to get your Lana Del Rey fix in before your 8:00 AM lecture.  It seems that winter here is almost nonexistent. For example, this week the toasty sunshine on Memorial Glade beckoned the sunbathers and frisbee enthusiasts back to campus.

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Suits College Tour at Berkeley


One of my favorite things about Berkeley is that there are an endless number of amazing events that I can attend. When I was a freshman at Berkeley, I suffered massive FOMO (fear of missing out), but I’ve learned to overcome that feeling after realizing that it was just an aspect of Berkeley that I had to accept and love.

This event spiced up my Tuesday afternoon and made it a whole lot more interesting. Every college student has a TV show (or shows) that they worship, and one of my favorite TV shows of all time is Suits. You can probably tell I was ecstatic when Suits announced that it was undertaking a college tour, and I was even more ecstatic when UC Berkeley SUPERB announced it would host the tour at the California theatre. Many of my friends are also avid Suits fans, so I expected February 4th to be a party.

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“Are you interested in changing a child’s life?!” Sure, why not?


Before walking onto Sproul Plaza for the first time, I remember the stories I have heard. I’ve heard how the open space transitioning students from the busy, urban bustle of Berkeley to the peaceful setting of campus has always been the epicenter all things Cal. I knew that it was the place to go if I were looking to get involved in clubs and a variety of extracurricular activities. But most of all, I have heard that it is nearly impossible to walk through Sproul Plaza without being offered at least one flier. As a naïve freshman, I must admit that I did not take this seriously. How is it possible to be fliered (Yes, we Bears know that “fliered” is not an actual verb. Yes, it is still frequently used.) nearly every day?

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