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I’m not different, I’m FPF

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When I logged onto myberkeley.edu and saw that I had been accepted to UC Berkeley, I was ecstatic. I didn’t even bother scrolling down to read the rest of the page. I was in the Class of 2016! I did a victory lap around my room – patting myself on the back for taking the risk and writing my personal statement about my sister’s love for Chipotle. (You read that correctly – I wrote my UC essay about Chipotle). When I calmed down and returned to the computer to check if I had missed anything important, I realized something was wrong. Why did it say I would go to school in Spring of 2013? I wanted to get out of high school and go to Berkeley ASAP, not wait a whole four months. Something wasn’t right. I immediately stopped my victory lap.

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The Road to Submitting an SIR

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Going off to college signifies change. Many people travel across the country, others end up in a different state. Some go from Socal to Norcal, and vice versa. I always imagined myself going to school on the East Coast and doing the cheesy “back to my hometown” kind of thing. As you can probably tell, that didn’t happen. I got into Cal and ended up sending in my SIR to UC Berkeley after Cal Day (which is on April 12 this year, so if you’re reading this you better come.)

Here’s a sneak peak of what it was like: pure amazing fun.

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