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Bright Lights, Berkeley, and the Big City

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So you’re Berkeley’d out. Yes, we understand. Berkeley is fun, but you’re craving something new. You want to see something other than 35,000 students walking around campus and have a conversation that involves something other than midterms – You want to get out of Berkeley for the weekend. Conveniently, BART is located about 10 minutes from the far south side of campus. After a 20 minute BART ride, San Francisco is in your hands. Being a Bay Area native, you would think that I would be sick of the city. I learned more from exploring the beautiful city of San Francisco during my time at Berkeley with my best friends than the other thirteen years I lived in the Bay Area.

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Why Public Transportation is Actually Really Beautiful!


One of my very favorite things about attending UC Berkeley is that I don’t just attend UC Berkeley, but I also attend music festivals at Treasure Island, Christmas time in Union Square San Francisco, local swanky restaurants in Oakland, and pretty much whatever else strikes my fancy. How do I do this you ask? Do I have the power of flight, or some magical space car? Why no, in fact I don’t need even a regular car to do any of these things. I find my way to all these fantastical places and experiences through the power of public transportation.

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