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Summer Opportunities in Berkeley and Beyond

With summer quickly approaching, UC Berkeley students are starting to solidify their plans for their three months off. Aside from the usual pool going, and family vacationing, many students take the summer as an opportunity to squeeze yet another valuable experience out of their larger Berkeley one. Usually these experiences come in the form of internships. Internships are plentiful in the Bay Area, and many companies specifically look to Berkeley students for that sweet unpaid labor that gives us real world experience and helps us learn what we want our careers to be more like. In addition to the Bay Area, students go around the nation and abroad for internships. The summer program Cal in the Capital sends students to Washington, D.C. to work in congress and law offices, news stations, or other places suited to each student’s needs and interests. Many people choose to travel abroad for summer, either studying or interning in Europe, South America, or even Africa.

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