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Everybody get down on Cal Day!


When I got in to Berkeley and joined the Facebook group for the class of 2016, I remember hearing about ‘Cal Day’. Being international has its limitations and one of those was not having the faintest clue about what Cal Day really was. I saw some pictures, liked some enthusiastic Facebook posts and got the e-mails but I really could not grasp what Cal Day really was.
My freshman year at Berkeley I decided to express my love for this school by becoming a campus ambassador. Part of this job entailed organizing Cal Day. Once again I faced this mysterious day. Cal Day it turns out is a massive open house at UC Berkeley where the whole university comes alive and every student group takes part. A whole year later I was setting up for my first Cal Day.

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The Road to Submitting an SIR

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 3.05.38 PM

Going off to college signifies change. Many people travel across the country, others end up in a different state. Some go from Socal to Norcal, and vice versa. I always imagined myself going to school on the East Coast and doing the cheesy “back to my hometown” kind of thing. As you can probably tell, that didn’t happen. I got into Cal and ended up sending in my SIR to UC Berkeley after Cal Day (which is on April 12 this year, so if you’re reading this you better come.)

Here’s a sneak peak of what it was like: pure amazing fun.

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