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A Cafe in German Class


I won’t lie to you, this morning was a bit of a struggle. Why? No coffee. It truly is amazing how much missing out on a morning cup o’ jo really gets to you three years into your undergrad. Yes, maybe it was my fault that I pressed the snooze button five times thanks to staying up later than usual to study for some midterms (OK, and watching the latest episode of The Blacklist on Hulu), or that I did not check the weather report and realize that biking in the pouring rain to my 9 AM across campus wasn’t the most logical of ideas, so I should probably leave extra room to walk to class. The point is, I was running late, and some sacrifices had to be made. So, I neglected my daily coffee and toast with peanut butter and headed off to my nutritional science class to learn about properly balanced diets (the irony is still striking).

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