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Finding a Family


I never actually had the privilege of visiting UC Berkeley before I submitted my SIR. So when the time came to choose a dorm I was completely in the dark. I tried to do all the research the Internet allowed me to do but at the end of the day websites can’t really do justice when making a decision about which residence halls to choose. I thus made my decision randomly, letting the decision lie with the gods above. Then one fine day the housing algorithm spat out Unit 3- Triple as my dorm/room assignment. Immediately I was concerned. Live with two other people? That sounded daunting to say the least. Most of my summer was spent wondering whether my room situation would be overwhelming.

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Dorm Life 101


If you have recently been admitted, or are thinking of applying to UC Berkeley, you will soon come to a point in your life when it will be time to contemplate what you want out of dorm life. There are essentially two styles of dorms here, the classic floor style and the suite style. Suite style means that there are typically four double rooms all opening onto one common area and bathroom. Floor style consists of buildings with long floors of about thirty or forty students and can be either coed or unisex. Both of these options offer a unique experience and it is important to consider what your ideal freshman living situation is before you begin the housing process.

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