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Newsies, the Musical

One of the best aspects of UC Berkeley’s location is its proximity to San Francisco, located just 15 miles and half an hour away by public transportation. In addition to being home to the Golden Gate Bridge, amazing food places, and beautiful beaches, San Francisco is also a culturally rich city with many museums and performance centers.


IMG_6387This past Saturday, I went with friends to see Disney’s Production of Newsies, in the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. It was an incredible performance! I was blown away by the choreography—the split jumps, aerials, and high-energy kicks—the funny storyline, and the talented singing and acting. For almost the entire musical, I was leaning forward on the tip of my balcony seat, eagerly soaking in everything happening on the stage below.

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Bright Lights, Berkeley, and the Big City

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So you’re Berkeley’d out. Yes, we understand. Berkeley is fun, but you’re craving something new. You want to see something other than 35,000 students walking around campus and have a conversation that involves something other than midterms – You want to get out of Berkeley for the weekend. Conveniently, BART is located about 10 minutes from the far south side of campus. After a 20 minute BART ride, San Francisco is in your hands. Being a Bay Area native, you would think that I would be sick of the city. I learned more from exploring the beautiful city of San Francisco during my time at Berkeley with my best friends than the other thirteen years I lived in the Bay Area.

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That Time I Got Tea with Total Strangers


Living in the Bay Area has its perks. Endless concerts, museums, events, and sights are at Berkeley students’ disposal all year for their enjoyment. The tricky part, however, is that too often these places are enjoyed exclusively within the groups we have surrounded ourselves with. As a SoCal native, part of the reason why I came to Berkeley was to get out of my comfort zone: to hear new ideas and perspectives and learn from different backgrounds. What better way to do that than with people you have never met before?

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