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Alice’s Guide to Berkeley Dining

Berkeley is famous for its food. As a foodie, I officially give Berkeley 5 stars for satisfying my taste buds for the past two years. I’ve been eating my way through this college town and I have still yet to reach a halfway point for all the amazing places I want to try. We’re also home to the Slow Food Movement started by UC Berkeley alum, Alice Waters (Chez Panisse anyone?). The great thing about UC Berkeley is that they even offer a class as to why Berkeley is famous for its food; taught by THE Michael Pollen, Journalism c101 describes sustainability and the food movement.  There is variety, quantity, and diversity in food choices around UC Berkeley.

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Don’t Fear Failure – Doug Rauch Didn’t

IMG_5712 IMG_5718

Academically, UC Berkeley is known as the number one public school in the United States. Number 1 is really just a number that hides many of the opportunities and experiences that are available to a UC Berkeley undergrad, and it is very easy to get lost in the numbers instead of the actual stories of social impact that contribute to all that makes UC Berkeley the number one public school. Number one means that we have the opportunity to listen to and meet extraordinary people who have accomplished so much in their lives for the general public and I had the exciting opportunity to meet one such person.

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