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Giant’s Night: Baseball by the Bay

Perhaps one of the things the City by the Bay is known best for is baseball. Between the A’s and the Giants, the bay area is never void of America’s favorite past time between the months of April and October. UC Berkeley students often take advantage of this. Whether you love the sport of baseball itself (as I do) or just like to spend an evening under the lights of the field with friends, a baseball game is a great and affordable way to get out of the Berkeley routine.


Last night I attended the UC Berkeley Greek community’s “Giant’s Night.” About 200 fraternity men and sorority women piled into charter buses and set off for AT&T Park to watch the Dodgers take on the Giants. As a San Diego native, I was of course born and raised as a Padres fan, making whom to root for last night a bit of a “lesser of two evils” situation. But it was a good game, a warm evening, and I was honestly too distracted by talking with all of my friends to pay much attention to the score anyway. So much of the Berkeley community was in one place at one time that I got to catch up with friends from al different groups whom I had met through all different avenues.

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Being a “Sorority Girl” is More Than It’s Cracked Up To Be


I remember the first time I went home to San Diego after joining Alpha Chi Omega and telling my friends from home that I was now in a sorority. These friends, whom had known me since elementary school, looked at me as if I’d gone insane. They were shocked that I would be the type of person that would partake in that seemingly shallow and dramatic culture of “buying your friends.” But I expected to get this reaction from my friends, because I had never thought of myself as the “sorority type” either.

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