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Ash Wednesday


I love being a Golden Bear, and I love being Catholic, so when the two are brought together, you know it has to be a good day. As someone who converted to Catholicism when he was eighteen, Ash Wednesday is an important day for me, seeing that it marks the 40 day journey I took three years ago to receive my sacraments of Initiation.

One of my favorite aspects of UC Berkeley is its incredible diversity of people, backgrounds, and perspectives. Religion and spirituality is no exception. Cal is filled with dozens of student groups dedicated to sustaining and supporting students’ spirituality on campus. There are dozens of churches, small groups, community centers, and interfaith gatherings around campus that truly unite the student body on entirely new levels. Personally, I have been involved with the group, “Catholic Students at Cal – Newman Hall.” We hold weekly Masses just two blocks away from campus every week, but once a year, we hold our annual Ash Wednesday Mass on campus, and it’s always an extremely popular event brings together students from all walks of life.

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