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Alice’s Guide to Berkeley Dining

Berkeley is famous for its food. As a foodie, I officially give Berkeley 5 stars for satisfying my taste buds for the past two years. I’ve been eating my way through this college town and I have still yet to reach a halfway point for all the amazing places I want to try. We’re also home to the Slow Food Movement started by UC Berkeley alum, Alice Waters (Chez Panisse anyone?). The great thing about UC Berkeley is that they even offer a class as to why Berkeley is famous for its food; taught by THE Michael Pollen, Journalism c101 describes sustainability and the food movement.  There is variety, quantity, and diversity in food choices around UC Berkeley.

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Biology or Pieology


I’m always eager to learn and I passed through a phase where my intended major was changing more frequently than the seasons here. Yet there are always those majors and subjects that still daunt me. Statistics for one, or maybe anthropology are pretty good examples. The winner though has to be biology. The last time I took biology was in middle school, when we learnt where the heart was in relation to the lungs. After that class was over I vowed to myself to never step foot in a biology classroom again. Flash forward to this semester and I find myself sitting in Biology 1A, a notoriously intense biology class, trying to understand why this class is a prerequisite for Chemical Engineering. The class began just how I thought it would, with a lot of facts and even more enzyme names that I had to remember or I wouldn’t be able to pass. Though as lectures progressed I began to slowly enjoy the class. As much as my pride tried to convince me that biology was boring and tedious, I found myself listening intently to the professor, not because I wanted to pass, but because I was deeply interested in what she had to say. DNA, RNA suddenly seemed a lot more fascinating than I could have ever imagined. After my first midterm I was pretty convinced that I had begun to tolerate biology. It still maintains its position as my least favorite science, but I have a new found respect and understanding of the subject that the middle school me would have never thought possible.

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