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A View from the Top

As much as we’ve all been enjoying our spring semesters thus far, I’m pretty sure I can speak for a vast majority of the student body when I say I’d been anxiously awaiting the sweet relief of spring break—I love Cal, but even the most spirited bears need breaks too, ya know! After ten long weeks of arduous scholarly toil, spring break was the much anticipated, gleaming light at the end of the midterm season tunnel. It was a breath of fresh air for us weary students, and allowed us time to catch up on studies or those much needed z’s.

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Spring Break Extra: Italian Style


Ciao from Venice, Italy! While I hope you have had the chance to read my good friend Sarah’s awesome blog on studying abroad in Rome, I figured I’d use this week’s blog to give you all a perspective on what so many Golden Bears look forward to every year: Spring Break. Yes, Spring Break in college really is what it’s cracked up to be. While many students will be staying in Berkeley for the week, and others may be going home to spend time with their families and hometown friends, or even venturing off to sun-soaked cities like Cabo San Lucas or Cancun, I’ve been so blessed to spend my Spring Break in an unforgettable Italian escapade with two of the most adventurous people I know: my grandparents.

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