Dead Week Blues

The end of the semester brings with it the greatest stress of all: finals.

Finals can be a daunting experience, especially if you haven’t really been keeping up with your classes the way you should be (that’s totally not my case, though…). Berkeley tends to take mercy on us and gives us Dead Week. Dead Week or as it is formally known, Reading and Recitation Week, is the week before finals where there are no classes or instruction. Review sessions and discussion are optional, but in large, campus tends to come to a halt as most people try desperately to use the week to its full advantage. Some perks of Dead Week are that some of our more important libraries stay open 24 hours allowing us to study (or nap) any time we want. Probably the best feature of this perk is that the Free Speech Movement Café is open just as long as the libraries are! This allows you to get your caffeine fix to keep you going, or that wrap you so desperately try to sneak past the library attendants.

But Dead Week isn’t all about studying. A lot of students take this week to both study and blow off steam. This is the week where your friends will always want to get together at night to watch a movie, catch up on Game of Thrones, or just go out to the city for fun. Since being given all this time to study, students tend to take a more relaxed approach and take frequent breaks from studying. This really alleviates a lot of stress from those of us who end up cramming (again, totally not me…). I personally use this week to refresh not just the material covered in the exams, but also myself. Maybe I’ll take a hike up the fire trails for a few hours between biology chapters or watch a nice TV show after a hefty math problem.

Dead Week allows us Berkeley students to really perform well not only in school, but also in terms of the stress many college students develop. Or to just muck around…

Author: Humair

Hello! My name is Humair and I am a sophomore here at UC Berkeley. I’m an intended Chemistry major, (because I love studying Chemistry) but am mostly still absorbing ideas for possible minors and other classes I could take! I am originally from Karachi, Pakistan (far, far away) and am here as an international student from Canada. I love traveling and exploring cities, so on weekends the best place to not look for me is my apartment. I am also a foodie so beware: there may be posts about food and restaurants from around the city here. I hope this blog helps you love Berkeley even a fraction as much as I do! Go Bears!