History during Homecoming

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During Homecoming Weekend, which happened October 10-12, the campus was even more vibrant and alive than usual. Campus tours, class reunion events, and special museum and lab exhibitions presented lots of opportunities for families to get a flavor of what our campus has to offer our students and gave alumni the chance to return and see in what ways Berkeley is the same and different as it was when they went here. This year, as a newly hired member of the Visitor and Parent Services staff, I had the unique opportunity to partake in a Homecoming festivity unlike any I had done before. read more

Sunsets in Berkeley

Sunsets in Berkeley

Sunset is a magical time of day. There’s a certain loveliness about the golden glow and watching the day greet the night, as the sun dips below the horizon. As an avid sunset enthusiast, I’ve watched hundreds of sunsets in Berkeley, and they’re some of the most beautiful I’ve seen anywhere in the world.

If you’re in Berkeley for an afternoon or evening, I highly recommend watching a sunset! Sunsets here vary in color and intensity throughout the year, but they’re spectacular in all seasons. I promise you that watching the sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge and Pacific Ocean will be an extra special way to remember your visit to Berkeley. read more