The Importance of Theater

As an avid anglophile and a theater enthusiast, the chance to see BareStage’s “The Importance of Being Earnest” was not an opportunity I wanted to turn down.

BareStage, the oldest student-run theater group on the Berkeley campus, puts on a play and a musical each semester, and has an improve group and a show choir. As a student, it is incredibly exciting to go out an see my peers showcase their talents, and it becomes more exciting when some of my friends are involved, as was the case with this show. read more

First Night of College

With most upcoming life changes, people picture how their life will be different and what their new daily life will look like. Senior year of high school, my thoughts and ideas regarding my new life and transition to Berkeley were no different.

As a fitness enthusiast, one of the first questions high school senior Sara asked Berkeley students was “where can I sweat?” While the Recreational Sports Facility is a great resource if you are into group fitness classes, looking to max a new record in the weight-room or to have an option in the event that it is raining, I often prefer sweating outdoors in nature. read more

Striking the balance between athletics and academics

In high school, I always wished I could attend a team “pasta feed” or wear those “we love our seniors” shirts for my sports team. I was jealous that my classmates could represent their school in their athletic passions and at times, I was discouraged that I fell in love with figure skating and not a sport such as soccer or lacrosse because I felt like I was missing out.


Two years ago, I went to my first competition with the Cal Figure Skating team. Normally at a competition, when you are called to the ice, the announcers calls your name followed by your home skating club but at this competition my name was followed by “representing the University of California, Berkeley”. Hearing those words for the first time is a moment that l’ll never forget because like every freshman during their first semester at college, one wants to feel that they made the correct college decision. In that moment, despite what others had thought about my decision, all of my doubts had gone away. read more

A Very British Summer

One of the most exciting aspects of being a UC Berkeley student is the sheer number of opportunities the school offers, whether it be in choice of majors, clubs, dance troupes, or nearby food options. Study Abroad is no different. UC Berkeley study abroad affords students the chance to study in one of 40-50 countries, on 6 continents, for a full year, a semester, or a summer. Students can take classes, do an internship, or in a few cases, do a combination of the two.

Since the days of my high school-obsessions with British music and Downton Abbey, spending time in London had been a dream of mine. Utilizing the resources and programs that UC Berkeley abroad offers, this dream became a reality this past summer, where for 7 weeks I go to spend time in this electric yet historic city. read more