Bike at It Again: An Ode to Group Cycling

Performing well in school, balancing a thriving social life, and maintaining a healthy diet plus exercise regimen—that’s the goal right? Though it sounds straight forward, it’s often difficult to juggle all the elements collegiate living has to throw at you. Thankfully, here at Cal, the RSF (Recreational Sports Facility) has all Berkeley students covered in regards to keeping active and healthy.


Nestled conveniently behind the Haas Pavilion, the RSF is UC Berkeley’s largest fitness center. The RSF spans an impressive 100,000 square feet, including an Olympic sized swimming pool, seven basketball courts, seven racquetball courts, three weight rooms, six squash courts, and plenty of workout equipment (treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, rowing machines, and stairmasters). In addition, the RSF also has space for group exercise classes, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and martial arts. Best of all, the cost of using the facility is completely covered for Cal students—just swipe your ID card, and you’re in. It’s basically an exercise junkie’s paradise!


I tend to spend a lot of time at the RSF—it’s usually my go to place to blow off some steam in between study sessions— and I find that as much as I love a great solo workout, I love being pushed to my limits at the exciting group exercise classes. That said, I’ve gotten pretty well acquainted with the classes offered at the RSF, and I hold a special place in my heart for group cycling. Cardio is definitely my soft spot, so I’m super glad the RSF’s got an amazing staff to lead group cycling.


Cycling is an intense, high-energy, leave-you-dripping-in-sweat kind of activity, and the RSF staff does a fantastic job at keeping you focused and engaged. As per my usual schedule, I attended class last Friday (I go a minimum of three times a week), and worked up a nice, rewarding ache. The RSF even got brand new bikes, which made the experience all the more enjoyable.


During the class, the large overhead lights are dimmed, leaving you in a semi-darkened room which is then illuminated by colorful spotlights that pulse with the beat of the music. Besides the sounds of wheels humming, music blaring, and bikes whirring, it’s just the class, the instructor, and your heaving breathing working it out. It’s a great activity to do on your own, but of course, it’s also fun to bring a friend along for the ride too! Either way, it’s awesome for getting you out of the library and into the saddle, blood pumping and muscles moving.


It’s always great to work up a sweat in group cycling classes, so I’m really glad I’ve gotten the opportunity to integrate them into my schedule here at Berkeley. I’m looking forward to trying even more classes, and I’ll definitely be hitting up the RSF as much as I can this coming semester. Until then, maybe I’ll stick to my own workouts, group cycling, and charging those Berkeley hills to get some killer calves—you know what we say, Berkeley’s built on a hill, so every day is leg day.

Author: Tori Sardillo

Hey readers, welcome to Bear Talk! My name is Viktoria Sardillo—Tori for short. I am a second year Molecular and Cell Biology major, originally from Apple Valley, California. In addition to leading tours as a Campus Ambassador, I am involved in VMO (Volunteers for Medical Outreach), PAHC (Pilipino Association for Health Careers), PCN (Pilipino Cultural Night) Dancing Cast, and Cal Triathlon. I am fiercely passionate about human health and wellbeing, and believe that the key to collegiate success is striking a balance between academics and personal/extracurricular commitments. UC Berkeley is a beautiful, dynamic place where I am constantly inspired and challenged to become the best person I can be—I hope that by sharing my stories, you too can catch a glimpse of Berkeley’s magic. Thanks for reading and GO BEARS!