Back Home for the Final Stretch

Hello there!

I hope that everyone had a lovely winter break and holiday season! We are about one month into the spring semester which means that classes are in full swing and believe it or not, midterms are nearly upon us. During the precious month we had off, I split my time between the rain (and even snow!) in my hometown of Seattle and the desert sun of Palm Springs, where I was able to get in some hiking and yoga. While winter break was relaxing, it is definitely good to be back and it’s surreal to be marking this as my last semester at Cal. My hopes for the next couple of months are to enjoy my classes and the opportunity to learn before I start work. Luckily I was able to take some classes that I’ve been wanting to take since freshman year, such as French and Development Studies C100: the History of Development and Underdevelopment.

Cal Day 2016– one of my favorite days of the entire year!

Like many other of my fellow Bears I have a Cal senior year bucket list, and one of those bucket list items is to explore and study in as many different libraries as I can on campus! While I’ve talked about the extensive and incredible 25+ UC Berkeley libraries on my tours, I have yet to have actually stepped foot into many of them and am excited to explore the parts of the campus I’ve spoken to so many visitors about.

Most importantly, my main goal for the semester (besides graduating of course) is to really absorb the crazy, wonderful environment of Berkeley and the vibrant campus culture that never fails to make me smile no matter how stressed or busy I am. I still remember “Move In day” back during freshman year and the doubts that filled my mind about what the next few years would hold in this huge and unfamiliar place; I’m grateful to be able to say that 8 semesters in, returning from winter break felt like coming back to my real home.

Cheers to this spring semester, and as always, go Bears!

Author: Wendie Yeung

Hello! My name is Wendie and I am a senior here at Cal studying Economics with a minor in Public Policy. I'm originally from Sammamish, Washington and am thrilled to have been able to somewhat escape the rain these past couple of years. I have always wanted to come to UC Berkeley because of the Free Speech Movement and wanted to be part of a campus that had such a passionate student body and rich history of activism. Aside from being a campus ambassador, I am involved as a research assistant at the Design for Social Impact initiative, a leadership board member of our Model United Nations team, and serve as a member of the Vice Chancellor's Student Advisory Committee. One of my favorite things about Cal is its diverse plethora of organizations and activities, and my only regret upon graduating will be not having had the time to join all of them! In my spare time, I enjoy reading at one of Berkeley's numerous coffee-shops, hiking on the Fire Trails, and exploring the Bay Area in search of the best Sunday brunch. Post graduation, l'm going to work in technology consulting at Deloitte based in their San Francisco office, so luckily I won't be too far from Berkeley. Thanks for reading, and Go Bears!