Here Comes the Sun (Doo doo doo doo…)

Spring has sprung, girls and boys! (Though much earlier than anticipated.) And contrary to popular myth, UC Berkeley is not constantly smothered in fog and cold and sadness. Sure, I’m also grumbling about losing an hour of sleep, but we have finally left Frozen behind and moved on to Frozen: Spring Fever, and I for one am more than ready to spring into springtime. (Are these dorky plays on words properly portraying my excitement?) And even though it is midterm and project season still, and though I like to consider myself a good noodle student, entering into this new season of sundresses and patterned shorts, blooming buds of springtime flowers, pollen drifting in the wind, and a truckload of Claritin, I decided to document how I’ve been soaking up my vitamin D this past week (and I’m sure many other Cal students too).

On Wednesday, I spent a good amount of time before class studying at the Free Speech Movement Café. (OK, I was mostly checking emails.) If you don’t already know this, the Free Speech Movement is one of my favorite parts of UC Berkeley’s rich history, and the café commemorating it, adjacent to the Moffit Undergraduate Library, is one of my favorite places to get work done… or sit in a pensive daze, completing nothing. With another three hours to go until my next class, I came prepared with a bag of Life TM cereal (I’m not trying to get sued, here), my laptop, and eager to enjoy the warmth against my skin. Though originally a solitary endeavor, I even ran into a friend, who’d staked out a seat for the same reason I did.

Later in the week, I enjoyed a nature walk through campus with my Wildlife Ecology class. We wandered through the eucalyptus grove, scavenging for slender salamanders and ground squirrels, but I have to admit I was too frustrated trying to find the song birds that shamelessly echoed throughout the eucalyptus grove, still managing to evade my sight, even with a pair of binoculars I was using embarrassingly incorrectly. On a completely unrelated note, I chose to sample large mammals instead for my upcoming field project.

Saturday brought more fun in the sun for … not me. Though I unfortunately could not attend, my beautiful sorority sisters had a blast at our retreat to Ocean Beach, just across the bay in San Francisco. The theme was based off of “That’s so Raven,” and if you’re at all familiar with this television masterpiece of our generation, she was a native San Franciscan.

Finally, this evening, I took a break from the scramble to organize for the long week ahead and went for a run, coming home just in time to catch the sun set over the bay. It’s my third year here, sixth semester, and still it never ceases to take my breath away how beautiful of a place it is that we are receiving this invaluable education; this place where we learn, play, and live. Here’s too many more sunny days, and to the sunshine that lies within you.

As Charles Dickens once wrote – “The sun, –the bright sun, that brings back, not light alone, but new life, and hope, and freshness to man — ”

OK, enough, I get it. Even I can see that was a bit extra.

Happy Springtime! I can’t wait for all of you new Cal Bears to come home to campus!

Author: Alice Kane

Hi-ya! I'm Alice, a third-year undergraduate student studying both English and Conservation and Resource Studies here at the University of California. I grew up in the bay area and always dreamed of coming Cal - and here I am! Studying two completely different fields of study can be challenging, but it's an unbelievably rewarding experience. I get to learn about the world from some of the most brilliant professors, from both a scientific and artistic perspective! In the times I'm not studying, you can find me writing, reading, and/or eating at the Free Speech Movement Cafe or on memorial glade, spending time with good friends, at a national park, or petting dogs on Sproul! Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you around campus sometime soon. Go Bears!