Why I Chose UC Berkeley

It’s that time of the year again.  The weather is nice, school is almost done for summer break, baseball has started again.  Oh, and thousands of high school seniors are deciding where to attend college in the fall.  How could I forget that?  It’s amazing to me to think that almost exactly two years ago to the date (April 8th), I made the decision to attend UC Berkeley.  Time really does fly by when you are busy and having fun.  Hopefully, I can shed some light as to why I chose Cal and why I could never imagine making a better decision now that I am almost halfway done with college (side note – it’s a sad thought that I am halfway done, I don’t want to ever leave Berkeley).

I chose Cal because I really wanted a large university.  I have learned growing up in San Diego that it is really easy to make a large school feel small, but hard to make a small school feel big.  I also really wanted some place that I could explore and have a lot of things to do, which is exactly what Berkeley is.  There really is something for everyone.  There’s the city, but if you walk into those hills you can just get lost in nature, which is really something unique.  We are also right across the bay from San Francisco, and there is just so much going on here you can never really be bored.  But there are other places with similar locations.  The one thing that really stood out for me was just how spirited and enthusiastic everyone is about their passions.

When I toured Cal, I could clearly see how spirited my tour guide was about Berkeley.  But it wasn’t just my tour guide.  Every single person I interacted with, from the random students walking to class to friends from my high school in the grade above me, everyone had the same love for Cal and was willing to share that love with me.  I only had a couple questions about how classes were like at Berkeley, and ended up hearing about research students were doing, recommended life-changing classes to take, and even speeches and performances that had occurred on campus that year.  I left each discussion with excitement, feeling this vibe that Berkeley really is an incredible place.

And it’s true.  Berkeley is unique.  It is special.  And I could not be more proud to attend UC Berkeley.  There is not a day I walk on campus and meet someone new, and learn something new – whether it’s meeting Olympic athletes, talking with the founding partner of an investment firm, or learning about the link between human sickness and environmental health.

I can say without a doubt that committing to Cal has been the best decision of my life so far.  Being in such an incredible place, with awe-inspiring peers, I could never be prouder of attending the number one public university in the world!

Author: Colin Loyd

Hi there! My name is Colin Loyd and I am a Sophomore majoring in Legal Studies. I am from sunny San Diego and love everything about Cal (although the weather took some getting used to). When I am not talking about why Cal is so great on tours, you can find me performing and raising money as Fundraising Coordinator for Cal Band. I also am extremely passionate about sports, so if for some reason I am not giving tours or performing music, I will most likely be at a sporting event, cheering on the 50 Olympic athletes at Cal. After I graduate I plan on taking a gap year and then applying to law school, hopefully Berkeley Law because Berkeley is now my home and I couldn't be happier here!