How did you spend Cal-O-Ween?

It’s the most spooky-filled time of the year…IT’S HALLOWEEN!

Or as we like to call it in Berkeley, Cal-O-Ween! October is my favorite month of the year. Not just because I was born during this month, but because I am a huge fan of all the festivities that go on during this spooky season.

What’s great about Halloween is how universal the scary theme is. So for those of you who miss the annual pumpkin patch back home, there’s still the chance to catch it here in Berkeley–and the Bay area! But living in Berkeley comes with the perks of our own Cal-O-Ween celebrations, so here’s my brief run-down of things to do during the Halloween season:

My very poor attempt to recreate President Obama’s campaign poster onto a pumpkin…
  • Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins: What better way to honor halloween than by stocking up on pumpkins? From pumpkin pie, to pumpkin carving, there are all sorts of ways you can celebrate halloween. Walking through Sproul Plaza, you’ll find lots of clubs doing pumpkin pie sale fundraisers. While local towns like Alameda have pumpkin patches within a short commute, student organizations like Superb on campus have even brought pumpkin patches directly to campus.
  • Barktober fest: Destress With Dogs, a campus organization dedicated towards promoting mental health with canine companions, put together a little Barktober fest filled with several cuddly doggos to make this halloween season a little less scary.
  • Escape Rooms: San Francisco is home to some very notable “Escape the Room” venues. And of course, being trapped in a room is very fitting towards the horror themes of this month. If you can’t make it all the way to the City, Delta Kappa Alpha, the film fraternity on campus, puts together an escape room every year. This year, the escape room theme was “It”–and let me tell you IT was scary.
  • Concerts in costume: October is also a great time for concerts in the Bay Area. At the Greek Theatre, here in Berkeley, Odezsa took the stage for many of our festive students.
    Vince from Recess or Khalid??

    Just a little bit north of Berkeley, I watched VEVO Halloween take place in the Craneway Pavillion. This show was filled some of my favorite artists–SZA, Amine, Jesse Reyez, Khalid–and also decked up with eerie white walls and a whole lot of fog. Khalid even performed while dressed as Vince from the cartoon show “Recess!” Most of the audience was dressed up for the night, in the most vibrant of costumes. Shows in the Bay Area are already fun on their own, so it was even more fun in costume.

Not quite sure how to pose with a zombie…
  • Fright fests and fright nights: Of course, you can’t forget the various Halloween parks that take place this time of year. In the Bay, you can take your pick at all the different Halloween parks going on. Great America, in Santa Clara, hosts their annual Halloween Haunt During October. Downtown San Francisco puts on multiple ghost tours, while many Children’s Creativity Museum puts on a Halloween Hoopla! I went to Fright Fest at Six Flags, and sure got freaked by all the different zombie characters hiding in the park. You can’t beat the creepy feeling of walking through a dimly lit park with several shadows running around you…

Now if these events aren’t ghostly enough for you, there’s so much more you can do in this town! These are only the festivities I’ve made myself accustomed to over the past few years. There is always the endless opportunity for your own take of Halloween here in Berkeley. From planning your own haunted house with your friends, to decorating your dorm in the most frightening fashion: Cal-O-Ween here in Berkeley is a time full of friends, costumes, and spooky fun!

Author: Leeza Cruz

Hi everyone! My name is Leeza and I am a junior studying Economics and Legal Studies, with a minor in music! I am a very spirited person, and a big fan of sports. If you're ever trying to find me, I'm probably watching a game. I hope to eventually work in the Sports Industry in the future! But aside for my love for athletics, I am also very passionate about equity and inclusion. Berkeley is full of so many different diverse cultures, and I am always open to sharing and learning new perspectives. From my perspectives of the game, to my involvement in the community, I can't wait to share my experiences with you all!