Happy almost Thanksgiving!

Well everyone, Thanksgiving break has finally arrived. This not only means that you have survived the majority of a semester here at Cal, but also that hopefully you get to take a few days off and spend those days with your family or other loved ones. There is nothing better than visiting home after being in Berkeley for almost four months; then, when we come back, we have an entirely new appreciation for what our day to day lives consist of here in the Bay. Even if Thanksgiving isn’t necessarily your favorite holiday, there are so many things to love about it. Some people are into the food (most are, if we’re being honest), some are into fall fashion, some are into extensive family time, and others are into all of the above. There’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. While we might not all share a mutual love for Thanksgiving, there is no doubt that we all share a love for a few days of rest. So here are some of the things you have to look forward to on this short, but needed, time off.

FOOD! Cuisine is really what Thanksgiving has become centered around and what it is known for. A classic holiday dinner involves a lot of delicious moving parts, but eating the same green bean casserole and stuffing gets boring after the years. In order to impress your family and spice things up, bring one or two of these fun recipes to the table: spiked eggnog pumpkin pie, cranberry cheesecake, squash casserole, sweet potato and chorizo sausage bites, or pumpkin pie milkshakes. Hopefully you’ve had some practice cooking in your apartment, and if not, just wing it. Either way, it’s the thought that counts.

FASHION! Is there really anything better than wearing a chunky sweater, a scarf, and some boots? With the weather and leaves changing, our whole wardrobe can too. Your Thanksgiving outfit is really the prime opportunity to show your family how much you’re thriving, if fashion is the way you express that. Cute raincoats, rain boots, and umbrellas are always a funky way to express your style in this fall weather that the Bay provides us with.

FAMILY! The absolute best part of the holiday season, and what all of us should be the most grateful for. Being away from them during our time her at Cal is difficult no matter what year we are. The only questionable part about big family dinners is possibly some of the awkward family conversations that will inevitably happen since you only run into some of these people once a year. Just remember — avoid political and religious conversations at all costs. You can always skip to the neutral conversations about the weather and local sports teams. Don’t forget those wonderful talks in which all of your relatives ask you what you’re planning on doing with the rest of your life. Each family is unique in their own way, so embrace each conversation you’re able to have, whether it’s pleasant, disagreeable, or just plain uncomfortable. If forced socializing in your discussion sections has taught you anything, it should be how to talk your way through any situation, so you got this!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Enjoy this week as much as possible, and get ready to come back and kill it during finals week.

Author: Annie Hatton

My name is Annie Hatton, and I am a third year majoring in Legal Studies here at the incredible UC Berkeley. My life as a golden bear is busy and fantastic; whether its teaching the DeCal on human rights, serving as president of my sorority, or giving tours, I have enjoyed every minute of my time here at Cal. I am originally from Orange County, but because of these few years I am absolutely certain that I never want to leave the Bay. Most importantly, I am an avid dog lover - and to prove it I have eight dogs back home.