Holiday Season: Gift Edition

It is almost the holiday season, as you can tell from the beautiful picture of Fourth Street above. All that is standing in our way is the easy breezy two weeks that consists of dead week and finals week. Just kidding — we wish that either of these upcoming weeks were going to be easy or breezy. They are going to be extremely testing and difficult. However, the month off afterward in which we don’t have any academic responsibilities is well worth all of the dedication we are going to show towards our courses in hopes for the best grades possible in this land of grade deflation. One of the most wonderful parts about this entire month off includes the holidays that take place during it, and the time spent with your loved ones during these holidays. With this special time of the year coming up, it is important to start thinking about what gifts you’d like to both receive and give to your family during Hanukkah, Christmas, or whatever other holiday traditions you have. This is a hard task to do in the midst of all the studying that is going on, so we thought we’d give you some perfect ideas of not only what to give, but more importantly what to ask for. read more