Holiday Season: Gift Edition

It is almost the holiday season, as you can tell from the beautiful picture of Fourth Street above. All that is standing in our way is the easy breezy two weeks that consists of dead week and finals week. Just kidding — we wish that either of these upcoming weeks were going to be easy or breezy. They are going to be extremely testing and difficult. However, the month off afterward in which we don’t have any academic responsibilities is well worth all of the dedication we are going to show towards our courses in hopes for the best grades possible in this land of grade deflation. One of the most wonderful parts about this entire month off includes the holidays that take place during it, and the time spent with your loved ones during these holidays. With this special time of the year coming up, it is important to start thinking about what gifts you’d like to both receive and give to your family during Hanukkah, Christmas, or whatever other holiday traditions you have. This is a hard task to do in the midst of all the studying that is going on, so we thought we’d give you some perfect ideas of not only what to give, but more importantly what to ask for.


Caffe Strada gift card: Don’t lie to yourself — you frequent this wonderful coffee joint at least twice a week, and as much as you try to stop yourself, you almost always are unsuccessful. So, what is better than a gift card to make you feel a little less worse about the money you continue to spend here.

Blue & yellow striped overalls: While game days are technically over, basketball season has only just begun, and if you’re cool enough to own these in the first place, you definitely have the confidence to rock them inside Haas Pavilion. Plus, they’re a Cal Day necessity. Just mentally prepare yourself for all of the compliments you’re going to receive while wearing them.

Trader Joe’s coupons: While not the most exciting gift, we all have that relative that spends as little money as possible on holiday gifts, for one reason or another. This gift is a win-win situation for the both of you. If you don’t regularly shop at Trader Joe’s, this will provide you with motivation to do so. You’re welcome.

A reusable water bottle: If you have not already hopped on this trend, you absolutely need to. Not only are you supporting sustainability and UC Berkeley’s no waste by 2020 initiative, but there are so many cute and trending styles that make them fun to use on a daily basis. Don’t forget to get some cool stickers to personalize the water bottle!


Berkeley Mom/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa shirt: You’ve known all of your relatives are extremely proud that you go to Berkeley, and you’ve known this since the moment you got in. So, why not celebrate yourself in your gifts to them? There is nothing they would like to wear. While it can begin to become embarrassing if they start wearing this attire every single day, every once in a while doesn’t hurt anybody.

Cute postcards from Moe’s Bookstore: For inexpensive gifts that bring home some of the Berkeley charm, Moe’s is the place to go. With postcards that can act as decoration in your parents’ office or on the fridge and books that will inspire them to spend more time recreationally reading and thinking of you, you simply can’t go wrong.


Happy Holidays everyone! And, best of luck on your finals! Go bears!


Author: Annie Hatton

My name is Annie Hatton, and I am a third year majoring in Legal Studies here at the incredible UC Berkeley. My life as a golden bear is busy and fantastic; whether its teaching the DeCal on human rights, serving as president of my sorority, or giving tours, I have enjoyed every minute of my time here at Cal. I am originally from Orange County, but because of these few years I am absolutely certain that I never want to leave the Bay. Most importantly, I am an avid dog lover - and to prove it I have eight dogs back home.