How to Conquer Finals

Has studying for finals been getting you down? Do you need a break? Or a place to scream off your frustrations? Look no further; these are just a few ways my friends and I get through our finals studying.

First, you should have a plan. I choose what days I’ll be focusing on my different classes, and I’ll put all review sessions, office hours, and assignment due dates in my agenda to ensure I stay on top of my finals studying. I recommend looking at the Student Learning Center website and seeing if the SLC is holding any additional review sessions for your classes. Then you have to allow yourself to schedule time to relax. Breaks ensure that the material has time to settle in your memory and revitalizes your mind for new topics. read more

RRR Week: Reading, Review, and Readying for Finals

The notable North Reading Room in Doe Library

For students, the week before finals week is a time for studying and relaxing before the tests take us over. Reading, Review, and Recitation Week, RRR Week for short, is a week with no classes right at the end of the semester for students to study on their own time. Students spend this time doing many things, whether it be catching up on some readings, or just taking some time to relax.

Tambo the very friendly llama–he knows how to roll over!

For some of us, it’s our mental health break. I work in the Office of the Academic Affairs Vice President, and every semester we are in charge of the Wellness Events of this week, this year known as “Bearable Finals Week.” This past week, we’ve hosted a DeStress With Dogs Event, a miniature petting zoo, and most notably–a meet and greet with some very friendly llamas. read more