How to Conquer Finals

Has studying for finals been getting you down? Do you need a break? Or a place to scream off your frustrations? Look no further; these are just a few ways my friends and I get through our finals studying.

First, you should have a plan. I choose what days I’ll be focusing on my different classes, and I’ll put all review sessions, office hours, and assignment due dates in my agenda to ensure I stay on top of my finals studying. I recommend looking at the Student Learning Center website and seeing if the SLC is holding any additional review sessions for your classes. Then you have to allow yourself to schedule time to relax. Breaks ensure that the material has time to settle in your memory and revitalizes your mind for new topics.

For study breaks, my friends and I love going to places with great views. One of the best views on campus is from the Campanile. As a student, you get a free ride to the top of our majestic 307 feet-tall Sather tower. At the top, the whole campus is in your view and if it’s a clear day you can see the golden gate bridge in the distance. At the top, the aerial view of campus helps put everything back into perspective during stressful finals studying sessions. If your lucky, you may even hear the Carillon bells being played. If you don’t want to leave a library for your break, you can achieve similar views from the top of Doe Memorial Library. On the sixth floor in the art history department, there is a balcony inside the restrooms with views of campus, the Berkeley Marina, and San Francisco.


If you have the time and enjoy being around nature, you could walk the fire trails, hike up to the Big C, go to the Botanical Gardens, or walk along Strawberry Creek. Also, just a short Bart ride away, awaits San Francisco with ice skating rinks and other winter holiday festivities across the bridge. Have a short holiday photoshoot with friends either in the city or around Berkeley!

The RSF has group exercise classes including Yoga and Zumba which offers a fun way to exercise with friends and can be a fantastic hour break from studying.

Do you miss your pets at home? Ask your parents to send you cute pictures or videos of your beloved animals! It always puts a smile on my face during studying sessions when a picture of my cat pops up on my phone!

My best advice on how to conquer finals: have a plan, prioritize sleep, study snacks, and give yourself some breaks to breathe and remember that after finals, you get a month winter break! And most importantly, you got this!

Author: Briana Kaler

Hi, Y'all! My name is Briana, and I am from sunny San Diego, California. I am a sophomore here at Cal intending to major in Business Administration. While I am not giving tours, I am either working, exploring campus, hanging with friends, or going to San Francisco. I am excited to share my experience at UC Berkeley: my home away from home.