RRR Week: Reading, Review, and Readying for Finals


The notable North Reading Room in Doe Library

For students, the week before finals week is a time for studying and relaxing before the tests take us over. Reading, Review, and Recitation Week, RRR Week for short, is a week with no classes right at the end of the semester for students to study on their own time. Students spend this time doing many things, whether it be catching up on some readings, or just taking some time to relax.

Tambo the very friendly llama–he knows how to roll over!

For some of us, it’s our mental health break. I work in the Office of the Academic Affairs Vice President, and every semester we are in charge of the Wellness Events of this week, this year known as “Bearable Finals Week.” This past week, we’ve hosted a DeStress With Dogs Event, a miniature petting zoo, and most notably–a meet and greet with some very friendly llamas.

We had four llamas join hundreds of students on the Memorial Glade to just help cheer students up in wake of the exams to come. I had the pleasure of escorting Tambo (seen right) around the Glade while students were in awe by how soft his fur was.

But of course, this is also a time to study. The great thing about this campus is there are so many libraries on campus (27, in fact) and so many different settings to help find that perfect study scene. I’m going to give a quick breakdown of some of our more notable libraries and study spots, as they fit for certain types of students.

  • Doe Library (pictured in the beginning of this post)
    • For our Harry Potter fans. The North Reading Room in Doe is the biggest in-person example of the “Public Ivy” nature of UC Berkeley.
    • A quiet study space for those who like a more focused, but classic study setting.
    • For studious bloggers, it’s also a nice place to document in photo while you’re studying.
4th floor moffitt at a not too peak hour
  • Moffitt Library – Recently renovated, Moffitt is the place for a more vibrant colored study space. The couch like, living room feel makes it a very home-y place for students to study.
  • Also a great stop for our coffee loving students, Free Speech Movement Cafe is built right into the library!
  • Fourth Floor Moffitt – “Buzz on the Fourth”
  • For the more active, collaborative study goers.
  • Filled with white boards, this a great place to review practice problems.
  • Also a great place for students who like the snack and study combo – Moffitt allows food!
  • Fifth Floor Moffitt – “Hush on the Fifth”
    • Although, a similar design to the Fourth Floor, it’s a completely different feeling.
    • For the very quiet study-goers–you can hear a pin drop.
Caffe Strada is just across the street from campus!
  • Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • Just around the Berkeley area are tons of cafes and tiny coffee shops for are coffee loving students!
  • Caffe Strada (seen left), Romeo’s, and Milano Cafe are just a few of the local shops.
  • This is the place for a students who love good pastries, good music, and a hardworking environment while they study.
  • A laptop friendly environment for those long final essays.

And these are just a few of the local study spaces we have on and around campus. While I personally spend a lot of time in Moffitt, there are so many different places students go to study. We have a student union full of restaurants, and 25 more libraries to choose from!

RRR Week is definitely a time for students to run at their own pace. But the best thing about having RRR Week at Berkeley, is how accommodating the campus is towards a student’s needs and personal tastes.

Author: Leeza Cruz

Hi everyone! My name is Leeza and I am a junior studying Economics and Legal Studies, with a minor in music! I am a very spirited person, and a big fan of sports. If you're ever trying to find me, I'm probably watching a game. I hope to eventually work in the Sports Industry in the future! But aside for my love for athletics, I am also very passionate about equity and inclusion. Berkeley is full of so many different diverse cultures, and I am always open to sharing and learning new perspectives. From my perspectives of the game, to my involvement in the community, I can't wait to share my experiences with you all!