How to Manage Your Time

Have you ever been stressed out about the number of things that must be done every single day? Have you ever found yourself forgetting events or rushing to finish a homework assignment? Believe it or not, each day, there are way more students than you could ever imagine struggling to complete their daily tasks.

A lot of the times, students say, “Where did the time go? If only I had a couple more hours, I would be able to finish what I had planned to accomplish today.” I know from my own experience that whenever I encounter this problem, it is usually because of poor time management on my part. Ever since I started college, I suddenly realized that there are too many places to be and things to do for me to keep track of them in my own head. I realized that I needed to use another system that would keep me more organized.

That was when I started to keep track of my entire schedule on Google Calendar. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. All of a sudden, I noticed that I was able to complete my homework on time, arrive to class on time, and even remember all of the tasks that needed to be remembered. On top of that, I was even able to get a bit more sleep each night! Needless to say, Google Calendar has become my best friend.

The trick to staying organized is to write down the task immediately after you think of it. If you are in front of your laptop or have your phone with you, you can input it in your Google Calendar as soon as you think of the task. If you do not have access to a device, you can jot down the task on a piece of paper and then go back to inputting it in your Google Calendar later! Furthermore, what is awesome about Google Calendar is that it has notifications and you are allowed to set the notifications to however long you would like prior to the start of your event. Also, you are even able to color code your events. For example, you can use a different color for each of your classes. How cool is that?

If you ever find yourself struggling to complete your daily tasks, then maybe try out the above tip! Ultimately, the most important thing is to find a way to stay organized that especially works for you.

Alice Kane

Author: Alice Kane

Hi-ya! I'm Alice, a third-year undergraduate student studying both English and Conservation and Resource Studies here at the University of California. I grew up in the bay area and always dreamed of coming Cal - and here I am! Studying two completely different fields of study can be challenging, but it's an unbelievably rewarding experience. I get to learn about the world from some of the most brilliant professors, from both a scientific and artistic perspective! In the times I'm not studying, you can find me writing, reading, and/or eating at the Free Speech Movement Cafe or on memorial glade, spending time with good friends, at a national park, or petting dogs on Sproul! Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you around campus sometime soon. Go Bears!