The Perks of Being a Cal Fan

If you ask me how I feel about Cal, my answer is always “Go Bears!” After a win, after a loss, or even when there is no game at all–my spirit is always there .

Since my freshman year, I’ve been a part of the Rally Committee, the largest spirit and service organization on campus. Aside from this, I’ve been working with our Cal Athletics department as a student intern. I live and breathe Cal Spirit, and it’s well worth the effort. Being a Cal Fan has given me countless memories and opportunities that have shaped my college experience.

Flashback to August 2015. My new student orientation, and my first real week away from home. I saw this girl walking around with a giant “Cal” flag, and I was hooked. I knew I needed to join this club. I was very involved with school spirit in high school, so having a spirited community like this felt very familiar to me.

The spirit activities I did in high school were nothing compared to what I’ve done in the Rally Committee though. I went from organizing cheers in the student section, to setting up a card stunt for the thousands of students to perform. I’ve painted letters on my chest to spell out “Go Bears!” I’ve ran the Cal Flag out before the football team ran onto the field. I’ve sat in the front of every game I’ve ever attended. But most importantly, I found a community of individuals who are just as passionate and school spirited about Cal as I am.

And there are perks to being around such energetic people. When we lose the game, you’re not as disappointed as a general fan. When I’m booed by fans from the opposing team, I have people that back my school spirit. And when I’m feeling down, I have support system of positive people that bring me back up.

Yes, I’m a little wacky with my school spirit, but it means a lot to me. College can be stressful, especially when you go to a school with such amazing academic excellence. But we have a community of spirited individuals in this campus that help keep our enthusiasm up and are always ready for a “Go Bears!”

Author: Leeza Cruz

Hi everyone! My name is Leeza and I am a junior studying Economics and Legal Studies, with a minor in music! I am a very spirited person, and a big fan of sports. If you're ever trying to find me, I'm probably watching a game. I hope to eventually work in the Sports Industry in the future! But aside for my love for athletics, I am also very passionate about equity and inclusion. Berkeley is full of so many different diverse cultures, and I am always open to sharing and learning new perspectives. From my perspectives of the game, to my involvement in the community, I can't wait to share my experiences with you all!