BEARing the trails

It’s no surprise that Berkeley students are busy. We’ve got classes, clubs, work, and endless more commitments. Trust me when I say we do still take care of ourselves and have some fun.

When I do get time off, my personal favorite pass time is hiking. As a resident of Clark Kerr, I can walk 5 minutes from my dorm room before I hit the fire trails. These span all around the hills behind Berkeley and can range from anywhere between a 1 to 5 mile hike. I enjoy spending my Sunday mornings waking up early, make smoothies for my friends, and heading out to one of these trails for about an hour before we can treat ourselves with Clark Kerr brunch. Being able to start off my week with an activity that only makes me more excited for the days ahead, is quite rejuvenating. There are points of these trails that can push my athletic ability but I always remind myself of the beautiful view at the top. Once we see that peak of the hill, my friends and I will run towards the vista point and revel at the beautiful view ahead of us. In one direction is the industrial city of Oakland and to the other is the ever so famous Golden Gate Bridge. Of course we also get a great view of our very own Sather Tower. That view never fails to remind how lucky we are to go to school in such a dynamically gorgeous part of the world.

For those that are looking for the “aesthetic” aspect so to speak rather than the more athletic aspect, we have the famous Big C trail. This rather short trail leads all the way up to the hills where visitors can take some nice shots on our swing that overlooks a great display of the Berkeley landscape. Grizzly Peak is another well known location for those in search for a successful photo-op. Regardless of what you want out of the hiking experience, Berkeley has it all. Our location by the hills, right alongside the cities of Oakland and San Francisco makes every view all the more exciting. Definitely take advantage of this nature opportunity and BEAR those trails.


Author: Navya Peddireddy

Hi! My name is Navya and I am a freshman here at UC Berkeley. Originally I am from Massachusetts but I currently live in Dublin, CA. I am an intended Public Health major with a minor in Music. When I'm not in class or working as an ambassador, I love to dance, sing, play the violin, and do charity work. I especially love to go out and explore all the food and beautiful nature that this world has to offer! I'm super excited to share my passion for Berkeley and all things golden bears :)