Real World Opportunities

We’ve heard it before — Cal is a land of opportunity. Normally that is referring to our academic supremacy over all other public schools. Sometimes it is referring to our athletic capabilities, such as when we won the most recent national championship in water polo. There are truly dozens of areas in which Cal allows the world to be your oyster. However the area that I am referring to is the area of internship experience.

While Cal equips us with the tools to be eager appliers and skilled interviewers, many of the opportunities us golden bears have access to can be attributed solely to the fact that we live in the incredible Bay Area. From the tech world to finance to politics, the Bay is active in all of it.  If you are looking to apply anywhere in the Bay, it would be the smart move to take advantage of the many networking events the Alumni House holds and the resume workshops put on my different student organizations. Within my student organization, at our weekly board meetings one member of the executive board does a Linked In, cover letter, or other application building-skill workshop so that all of us are better prepared for the competitive but exciting intern lifestyle. My sorority also has individual members do resume workshops and the like. In conclusion, you can implement this sort of routine in whatever kind of organization you belong to because everyone truly does benefit from it.

On top of having tons of resources in order to apply and interview, Cal obviously also does a great job with providing lists of available internship positions throughout the entire Bay. Whether it’s a visit to Handshake (only available to email addresses), the Career Center, the Public Service Center, or others, the options are truly limitless. Sometimes, more informal methods of accumulating internships are also quite plausible. For instance, in Poli Sci 179 my freshman year, a guest speaker gave this incredible presentation on the school to prison pipeline, and concluded with a less than two minute plug about how they were hiring interns for the summer. He put his email on the screen in case anyone wanted to contact for more information, and I certainly did. I ended up interning for this man and his company last summer, and it was one of the most invaluable experiences I now have the privilege of putting on my resume (plus, it was paid!).

Currently, I’m an intern for London Breed’s campaign to become mayor of San Francisco. I also accumulated this internship through a program that I got admitted into that the Public Service Center sponsors — Cal in the Capital. While this program is aiding me in finding an internship for this upcoming summer in Washington D.C., one of the program directors secured me this opportunity so I could try working in the political realm to see if I truly do want to continue that work on the hill this summer. My experience at Cal and my professional development would have not been the same without both of these experiences. While Cal on its own is a resume-builder, the opportunities that only Cal students have access to make an even bigger difference. It makes me so excited for all of the possible opportunities that might come my way in the future. Go bears!

Author: Annie Hatton

My name is Annie Hatton, and I am a third year majoring in Legal Studies here at the incredible UC Berkeley. My life as a golden bear is busy and fantastic; whether its teaching the DeCal on human rights, serving as president of my sorority, or giving tours, I have enjoyed every minute of my time here at Cal. I am originally from Orange County, but because of these few years I am absolutely certain that I never want to leave the Bay. Most importantly, I am an avid dog lover - and to prove it I have eight dogs back home.