A Quite Place: My Favorite Berkeley Spots

In this history of this blog, there has been quite a few editions of the “hidden gems at Berkeley” post. As I’m just wrapping up my freshman year, I’d like to add on to the tradition by sharing my own findings. So without further ado, here is insider’s tour on hidden but beautiful locations on campus.

  1. The Women’s Faculty Building. I actually take all my tours on this unconventional but beautiful route. Though students aren’t allowed in the actual building (it’s used for faculty functions), there is a tranquil garden out front with several benches that I love to read in. Not many students know about this place, and on a sunny spring day it can be a spectacular place to get some peace and quiet.
  2. The Anthropology Library. Located on the second floor of Kroeber hall, the Anthropology Library is an adorable library that most students don’t know about. The library has a large main room, with both work tables and couches surrounded by sunny windows and plants.
  3. The meadow behind East Asian Library. This area, while gazed upon by many students studying in East Asian, is not frequented by many. One of the last truly undeveloped areas on campus, this forest-lawn hybrid hosts trees, benches, and even mini hiking trails. Perfect spot for a picnic!

I’ll end my list there, since I don’t want to give away all my spots! Incoming students: take time to explore our campus. There is so much more to Berkeley than Moffitt and GBC (you’ll know what I mean soon).

Author: Christy Kearny

Hello! My name is Christy Kearny, and I am a Global Studies major in the college of Letters and Sciences. My life has taken a very exciting turn this summer — I am studying abroad in London through UC Berkeley’s brand new Sophomore Semester program. I’m excited to share stories of study abroad, as well as my life in general as a student at UC Berkeley!