How to Destress Over Dead Week

Finals week is next week! Dead week, formally called RRR Week (Reading, Review, and Recitation), is called dead week for a reason. It’s that time of the semester. Every soul on campus disappears into Mainstacks and the libraries to study. As important as it is to study, make sure to take care of yourself. Taking time to partake in relaxing and exciting activities is a good way to balance studies with your health. Below are several suggestions on how to destress during the most stressful week of the semester.

  1. Exercise. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Exercise? Who wants to exercise? Well, exercising is a great way to release your stress in a healthy way. With our access to RSF (Recreational Sports Facility), you don’t have an excuse to not exercise! If you live near the California Memorial Stadium, you can always go to the gym located there. Or, you can always opt in for jogging around the neighborhood. You can also join the yoga, Zumba, and various exercise classes at the RSF. These classes are free of cost to Cal students and require no special prior experience.
  2. Go out and hang out with your friends or club members. Everyone is busy, but it’s a great idea to set aside time to hang out with our friends. It’ll be a great way to try that new food spot or the usual spot in Berkeley. You also have a chance to rant about how your dead week is going and how stressed you feel about finals. Talking things out, regardless of setting, is useful.
  3. Treat yourself to good food. Although I don’t recommend eating junk food, it’s alright to treat yourself in moderation. After that long and rough study session, go treat yourself with boba, dessert, or whichever food you prefer. Using this method to reward yourself after studying is a great way to keep yourself motivated.
  4. Take a moment to sit down and enjoy life. Sitting down on a bench on campus is a great way to press the pause button of your life. Personally, I love sitting down and clearing my head. Life is beautiful, and it may be difficult to feel that way when you’re super stressed, but you should take the chance to breathe and relax.
  5. Go for a walk. If you’re feeling stressed and you can’t get past that problem set or essay, you should go for a walk to clear your head. This ties back to number 1 and 4.
  6. Lie in bed and watch television shows or movies. Disclaimer: Make sure to keep track of the amount of time you want to spend watching shows. Catching up to the recent season or watching classics, there are many ways to relax.
  7. Sleeping. What better way to destress than sleeping? You have a chance to fix your crazy sleeping schedule by sleeping early. Or if you can’t afford to go to sleep early, you can take naps to help you survive the night of studies.

And always stay optimistic! Don’t think negative thoughts which serve you no purpose. You have to believe in yourself and put your 100% in your studies! Good luck with your finals and remember that college isn’t strictly about the end result. College is about the journey!

Author: Kate Im

Hi, my name is Kate Im! I am currently a sophomore studying Political Science and Public Policy! I hope to become a public defender and fight for people's rights. On campus, I am a part of two clubs, ULHS and UPSA, and I also have two jobs, campus ambassador and program assistant at VSPA. When I'm not studying or working, I love to meet new people, play video games, drink an excess amount of boba, and listen to K-pop.