Freshman Pathways, HAAS, and Global Studies at the UC Berkeley center in London!

Hello UC Berkeley! I have the pleasure of writing this blog entry while sitting in my flat in London. I am a sophomore on exchange through the brand new Sophomore Semester program at our very own British version of Berkeley. This is an exciting year for the London ACCENT center, which hosts study abroad programs for a few US schools including Berkeley, USC, and Wash U (though classes are unique to each school). Traditionally, our university has offered a freshman study abroad program called “Global Edge” at the center, but for the first time there is two other programs also being offered, Sophomore Semester and the Global Management Program. In this blog entry, I would like to write a little bit about each program and the types of UC Berkeley students they serve.

Global Edge is one of the three freshman pathways all students are offered when they are admitted to Berkeley. In this program, students will get a head start on the college experience by spending the summer in Berkeley taking classes and living in the dorms. They will then travel to London where they will spend the semester in a unique study abroad program aimed at Freshmen students. Classes typically taken by students in Global Edge include introductory college writing, calculus, political science, as well as a plethora of electives.

The Global Management Program is a brand new program offered through the HAAS school of business. Freshman who participate in this program will follow the same pathway as Global Edge students, before returning to Berkeley to complete their degree in Business Administration with a “global” focus.

Sophomore Semester is the only program in this bunch aimed at returning UC Berkeley students. This course offers many of the classes a typical Global Studies sophomore would take – including Global 10B, the second half of the introductory Global Studies series, and IAS 45, a comprehensive review of world history. In addition, we each spend one day a week at an internship at various firms, companies, and non profits around London.

I am excited to spend this semester continuing to update and share about these three programs, and the advantages and opportunities found by students in each one. Now that you have an introduction, stay tuned for more!

Author: Christy Kearny

Hello! My name is Christy Kearny, and I am a Global Studies major in the college of Letters and Sciences. My life has taken a very exciting turn this summer — I am studying abroad in London through UC Berkeley’s brand new Sophomore Semester program. I’m excited to share stories of study abroad, as well as my life in general as a student at UC Berkeley!