So You Finished Midterms… What Now?

So You Finished Midterms… What Now?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking out of your classroom after a difficult midterm, full of nerves and unsure whether to be celebrating or feeling blue from how it all went. You leave the room with mixed emotions, already stressed about the grade you’ll receive on the test weeks later, but ready to take some time away from studying and move out of the library you’ve been stationed in for days to head home. You plop on the couch, exhausted and not ready to dive back into other work for the rest of the day. You decide to take time to treat yourself, but can’t decide what to do. What do Berkeley students do to have fun around here anyway?

Lucky for you, you live in a city that never sleeps! There’s always something for you to do, whether you’ve been hoping to meet new friends, see a new movie, or take some much needed “me-time.” But what are some new ways to destress that you may not know about?

  1. Berkeley’s Unbeatable Sunsets at Indian Rock Park: Perfect for a late-afternoon picnic and a relaxing sunset show, Indian Rock Park is a frequent destination for a variety of Berkeley students. Whether you want to enjoy a picnic and invite you friends, climb around and get some exercise, or have an introspective evening in nature, this little park is perfect for you.
  2. Tilden Park: Encompassing everything from the Botanic Gardens and lakeside beaches to steam train rides and merry go-rounds, Tilden Park is a great destination for anyone. Take a few hours to enjoy the last warmth from summer and plan a beach day to celebrate your hard work this semester, or relax and play golf with some friends.
  3. Berkeley Playhouse: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show at the Berkeley Playhouse, “where music and theater come to life.” Catch performances ranging from The Wizard of Oz to West Side Story, or audition yourself for the next upcoming show! Work or volunteer to help these performances run smoothly, and become well versed in the performing arts world!
  4. The Cornerstone: Get ready to enjoy yourself with a visit to the Cornerstone restaurant and music venue on Shattuck and Durant. With events ranging from comedy to entertaining musical performances, there’s always a great name to go see. Go support your favorite artist, or discover someone new!
  5. Urban Ore: Just a short bus ride from campus you can find a multitude of gems at Urban Ore. Whether you’re a thrifty shopper looking to add to your vintage clothing or vinyl collection, searching for that perfect bedroom shelf, or scrounging around for various antique artifacts, spend an afternoon here and explore. Drop off your own unused items and look around: who knows, you might find that one perfect art piece that you’ve been looking for all these years!

Berkeley is an incredibly lively city, with hundreds of ways to enjoy yourself. These five accessible activities make up a small portion of a neverending list of activities in Berzerkeley, with concerts, movies, restaurants, galleries, and parks scattered all around the busy, incredibly unique city. So, the next time you find yourself with a short window of free time after your cycle of midterms, explore! Imagine what kinds of things you have yet to discover…


Author: Sarah Dey

Hey everyone! My name is Sarah Dey and I am currently a senior majoring in Architecture and minoring in Spanish Language and Literature! I am both a Campus Ambassador and a College of Environmental Design Ambassador, and I am the co-founder of a student-run design collective that aims to create community driven, innovative design projects that are geared towards social good and environmental responsibility. In my free time I love to ski, travel, and draw, and write about anything and everything. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, and I can tell you that there's no place I would rather be. GO BEARS <3