The Wonderful Harry Potter Decal



Before I start describing the Harry Potter Decal, let me first explain what a Decal is. A Decal at UC Berkeley is a small class taught by fellow undergraduate students. Although student facilitators tend to be upperclassmen, some are sophomores or even freshmen! Throughout campus, Berkeley offers a wide variety of Decals: Harry Potter, Baking, Intro to Surgery, Kanye West, and so many more! Harry Potter Decal is one of the more popular Decals offered on campus. It is absolutely wonderful and for hardcore lovers of the series and new readers alike should take this class, and here’s why!

The people in the class are amazing! Despite being a popular class, most people are accepted into the class! The first meeting you will learn more about the class and general syllabus and then take a quiz asking you about various parts of the Harry Potter series and your personality! There is no penalty to anyone who has not read the series! Everyone is welcome to apply. I was actually on the waitlist and thought I would not be able to take the class; thankfully, I got off the waitlist and now, Harry Potter is my favorite class every week.

Every person gets sorted into one the four houses. Sounds standard, right? In actuality, everyone is sorted into four houses and each house is given the first task of naming their house and build their house from scratch. In particular, I am in the house of Motherfluffers among four different houses. The students get to make their own houses because the facilitators do not want students to fall into the classic, “You’re Hufflepuff or you’re Slytherin stereotypes.”

Every week, students are required to read a section of the book, and each time we finish a book, we advance into the next year. Currently, the class just finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, so we will be turning into 7th years by next year! Some of the events we have are wand making, OWLS, Quadwizard Tournaments, discussions, skits, and so much more! It’s a great way to bond with other people (through Harry Potter, which is the best way)!

There is a house competition, and each house tries to get the most points by bringing food, wearing house colors, or bring Harry Potter related items! Most of the activities will net you house points if you win! It further incentivizes people to participate and have a friendly competition! Another way to get house points is to hang out with your house outside of class! So far, I have gotten dinner and went to CREAM with my fellow house! It’s so much fun and I really love the people in my house.

I highly recommend each student to take a Decal because it’s a nice change of pace from the hectic classes and midterms, all the while meeting new people!

Author: Kate Im

Hi, my name is Kate Im! I am currently a sophomore studying Political Science and Public Policy! I hope to become a public defender and fight for people's rights. On campus, I am a part of two clubs, ULHS and UPSA, and I also have two jobs, campus ambassador and program assistant at VSPA. When I'm not studying or working, I love to meet new people, play video games, drink an excess amount of boba, and listen to K-pop.