Best Places to Travel Over Winter Break

Thank goodness for all of, Winter Break is quickly approaching. In the last week of instruction, with RRR week and Finals looming over our heads, it’s important to take time to think about the endless possibilities that Winter Break holds. With an entire five weeks off this December and January, what can’t you do? One option is to travel to a new place – whether it’s a new country, a new state, or even just a different city within California. Here are some recommendations:

1. International: Santorini, Greece

If you are lucky enough to have the means (or to have given enough tours) to afford to visit another country, the world is literally your oyster. However, I would highly recommend Santorini, Greece. Although this spot is usually recommended for a summer destination, I actually think that there are a lot of positives of going in the so-called “off season”. I visited Santorini in January 2018, a little while after ringing in the New Year. The island almost seemed deserted. But because of this, my friend and I were able to rent an ATV and drive all over every each of the island, without any traffic. It only takes about an hour to get from one end to the other of this beautiful place, and it’s the longer end at that. As you can see from the picture below, the views are literally unbelievable. Best of all, it only takes a few days to explore, and after you can head off to other parts of Europe to continue your winter adventure!

2. National: Washington, D.C.

Another place that I would highly recommend visiting if you get the chance is our nation’s capital. Without exaggerating, there are literally one million things to do there. With all of the amazing Smithsonian museums at your fingertips for free, that could take up a week in itself. Once you take into consideration the monuments, food, Capital Building, Supreme Court, Library of Congress, Union Market, and about 100 other things, you’ll easily have a few weeks of 12 hour days all planned out. There is something so special about the fast-paced, urban culture of D.C. It is filled with so much of our nation’s history but is so young and alive at the same time. This is definitely a bucket list destination!

3. Local: Bodega Bay, CA

There is also nothing wrong with a little stay-cation. Under two hours away from Berkeley, Bodega Bay is an amazing getaway. Right on the water, the views and weather are amazing. You could spend hours drinking a warm coffee and sitting on the couch of your airbnb just admiring the view. It also has the cutest downtown with a bright pink taffy shop, and tons of shops and restaurants. They also have a fair amount of nice places to eat, so if you’re saving on flights by staying local, you should definitely splurge a little bit one night. Treat yourself!!! You made it through finals!

No matter where you end up this winter break, even if it is your couch, make sure you are doing you and living it up because you we have a limited amounts of breaks left. Once we hit the working world, they no longer exist. So, enjoy while you can, happy traveling, and happy almost Winter Break!

Author: Annie Hatton

My name is Annie Hatton, and I am a third year majoring in Legal Studies here at the incredible UC Berkeley. My life as a golden bear is busy and fantastic; whether its teaching the DeCal on human rights, serving as president of my sorority, or giving tours, I have enjoyed every minute of my time here at Cal. I am originally from Orange County, but because of these few years I am absolutely certain that I never want to leave the Bay. Most importantly, I am an avid dog lover - and to prove it I have eight dogs back home.