Spring Style on Campus

This spring, I’ve seen a number of different campus fashion trends, clothing items, and accessories floating around Cal. Whether these unique strategies of clothing oneself are to combat stress, add a little pep in your step for the day, or just to get from one place to the next, I thought I would hash them out in an effort to shine light on the student experience. Below are 5 typical outfits that I believe encapsulate different types of weekdays experienced by the average Berkeley student!

1. Monday– the “I think I’m going to actually try this week” look

On Mondays we typically try to start the week off strong. We wake up to the first or second of many alarms, have a balanced breakfast, and tell ourselves it’s going to be a good week. A typical outfit for this kind of day might consist of a nice top and cardigan, a nice pair of jeans, some boots or sandals, some jewelry, and glasses for being able to read every word on the board in lecture!

2. Tuesday– the “Uh-oh I have a lot of work to do” look

Tuesday is when we already begin to realize how much work we actually have to do. A bit more of a frantic look, this one may consist of a random sweater, comfy leggings, running shoes, hair up, and headphones so as best to speed off to different destinations around campus.

3. Wednesday– the “I am in a slump” look

Ah, Wednesday. Wednesday is right in the thick of the week: quizzes are ensuing, clubs are meeting, libraries are full, and the end of the week isn’t exactly in sight. On Wednesday, there’s no telling what a student might wear. For me personally, it might be a comfortable shirt (my personal go-to is the AirBears shirt from EthiCal Apparel: Cal-themed, cute, and relatable,) sweats or leggings, and the ever-so comfortable, ugly-cute Birkenstocks.

4. Thursday– the “I can see the light” look

Thursday is the day where we see ourselves regaining control of the week. A typical Thursday look might accord with a duty that one has that day. Maybe one is a Campus Ambassador and is giving a General Campus Tour, decked out in Berkeley Blue and Gold, professional and appropriate bottoms, efficient walking shoes, the stylish grey Ambassador jacket, and of course, a shiny nametag to guide and welcome visitors.

5. Friday– the “It’s finally Friday, the sun is shining, and campus is beautiful!” look

Lastly, we have Friday, the optimistic, sunny, “it’s finally the weekend!” ensemble that we’ve all been waiting for. On Friday one might wear a sundress with flowers to match the blooming ones on campus, some stylish sneakers, and fun sunglasses that would come in handy when lounging out on Memorial Glade with friends. Friday’s look is hopeful, celebratory and fun to represent the end of a valuable week on campus.

While everyone’s personal style is different, I feel that we students share the experience of trying to find a balance between comfort and convenience, alongside expression and dressing up. With so many other things to worry about, personal style can be a fun way to reflect on how you’re feeling, try something new, and go through the week in harmony with the people and activities going on around you.

Author: Evelyn Lawrence

Hi, my name is Evelyn Lawrence! Having grown up in the Bay Area, I feel very at home as an incoming Senior at UC Berkeley pursuing a double major in Legal Studies and Psychology. Besides being a Campus Ambassador, I am the Artistic Director for the Ballet Company at Berkeley, I tutor French 1 and 2, and I am an RA in International House. In my free time I love to read, watch old movies, do yoga, and try new restaurants and cafés! Going to Cal inspires me every day to learn, grow and share with others.