Decisions, Decisions

My friends and me at a football game

So it’s that time of the year: decision time! May 1 is quickly approaching, and the class of 2023 will very soon be all decided on where to go come the fall. Being a freshman, it wasn’t too long ago that I was in the exact same spot, so I wanted to use this article to talk about how I ended up here at Cal!

I’m from Connecticut, and when I was applying to college, I never thought I would go as far from home as California. I knew I didn’t want crazy northeastern winters, but the things I wanted in a school were so generic: pre-med, research opportunities, and school spirit. I think almost every school in the country has those, which made it very difficult for me to narrow down my options

I pretty much applied to Berkeley on a whim. I had seen UCLA and liked it, so when I filled out the UC application, I checked off the box for Berkeley too despite the fact that not only had I never seen the campus, but I had also never been to NorCal!

When I got into Berkeley, I instantly got a sense of the kind of community we have here. I texted one girl from my high school who was two years older than me to tell her I was considering Berkeley, and she sent me a bunch of texts with everything to anything I could possibly need to know about Cal. Everyone I talked to was so eager to welcome me to Berkeley and help me with anything I needed. After spending almost a full year here, I can confirm that this really is what Cal students are like.

I came for Cal Day, our admitted students weekend, and instantly fell in love. I loved the campus and our proximity to San Francisco, and I definitely loved that I wouldn’t have winters with the temperatures dropping below 20 degrees. But that being said what really sold me on Berkeley was the atmosphere. People at Cal are so passionate about everything they do whether it be in their field of study or extracurriculars. I find that this enthusiasm contributes to the strong sense of community we have here and speaks to our spirit of collaboration.

Sitting here a year later reflecting on my college process, I am so happy that I ended up at Cal. Berkeley has given me so many opportunities, and I am grateful to be able to explore my interests whether it be academic or outside of the classroom. Decision time is so exciting, and I wish all you seniors out there the best of luck! And as always, go bears!!

Author: Haley Stober

Hi everyone! My name is Haley, and I am a third year from Connecticut studying Molecular and Cell Biology. Outside of giving tours and writing for the blog, I am involved with on campus research, the American Medical Students Association, Berkeley Hillel, and greek life. I'm excited to share my Berkeley experiences with you and go bears!