Why I love the College of Chemistry

I study chemistry in the College of Chemistry, a college only home to about 800 undergraduates and several hundred graduate students. Because of it’s ranking (it truly is the strongest department in the world) and because of it’s intimacy as one of the smallest colleges on campus. I chose to become a student here, and my time in the College of Chemistry has been my defining experience so far.

In the heart of the College of Chemistry complex.

For one thing, unlike the majority of students at Cal, we come into our majors declared, meaning there’s a little less apprehension about our course of study. The prerequisite courses- Chem 4, physics, and math- may appear as large lectures to the average student, but I quickly found my community in my classes, because it’s not uncommon to bounce from lecture to lecture with a peer in your major that has the exact same sequence. Our college has fewer breadth requirements, so while many folks are taking classes from all different subjects, we chemistry kids stick together. Now, as a sophomore, if I meet another sophomore for the first time who tells me they’re also in the College of Chemistry, I’m usually surprised that we haven’t yet met because our college really is that small and community-based. These prerequisite courses sure aren’t easy, but having friends to get through four hour labs and dozens of exams together makes the whole experience just a little less daunting.
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Perspective is Key

Getting involved in the residence halls was something I wasn’t expecting, but it will continue to be something I’m thankful for. Photo courtesy of Spencer Hill and Lucas Huang.

Even though our university is known for its academic rigor and unparalleled research, I like to think that the best lessons are actually taught outside the classroom. We students can spend so much time cranking in the studying hours to make sure that we know the material for our exams. However, the lessons that life gives us are happenchance, and we may not always be aware that life’s even giving us these lessons to begin with.

For example, I’m someone who grew up to be a little anxious in social situations. I found myself to be either uncomfortable in conversations or unable to relate to what the group’s talking about 7 times out of 10. I couldn’t think of anything to say to keep the conversation going, and whenever I said something, it was usually an awkward joke that left the conversation quieting down. Because of this, I was more of an introvert, especially during my junior high years.
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Dead Week Have You Feeling Down? Here are My Favorite Ways to Recharge

Yup, it’s that time of the year. Classes are over and dead week has officially begun. Maybe you’re ahead of the game and have already gone to a review session, whipped out the highlighter, gone through practice exams… wow you’re a star. Or maybe you’re feeling a little burnt out and studying sounds like a Friday thing (and that’s alright too!). Either way, if you need a break (or something other than Facebook and Youtube to procrastinate) then this article is just for you! Here are my favorite ways to recharge during dead week:
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Favorite Late Night Eats

Image from the Daily Cal https://bestofberkeley.dailycal.org/2016

We all know those study cravings come with the worst inconvenience the middle of the night with the worst convenience. I have had extensive experience with the midnight study cravings and escapades to restaurants open past 9pm, so I am here to share with you today some of my favorite late night eats.

1. Late night

Crossroads’ (Croads) has started offering their late night again for flex dollars (that come included with your meal plan). Open from 10p till 1:30am, it’s the perfect alternative if you don’t want to spend money on food and have flex dollars in your account. Second semester they upgraded their buffalo wings to include 4 different sauce options. I love the thai chili sauce, it isn’t spicy at all but adds a sweet and savory kick to the wings. You can get six pieces for around 5 flex dollars, which I find a steal amongst bay area prices. The classic fries and tater tots are also offered, which I also often get. Late Night also has breakfast items like pancakes and breakfast burritos which are also very filling and delish!
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