Favorite Late Night Eats

Image from the Daily Cal https://bestofberkeley.dailycal.org/2016

We all know those study cravings come with the worst inconvenience the middle of the night with the worst convenience. I have had extensive experience with the midnight study cravings and escapades to restaurants open past 9pm, so I am here to share with you today some of my favorite late night eats.

1. Late night

Crossroads’ (Croads) has started offering their late night again for flex dollars (that come included with your meal plan). Open from 10p till 1:30am, it’s the perfect alternative if you don’t want to spend money on food and have flex dollars in your account. Second semester they upgraded their buffalo wings to include 4 different sauce options. I love the thai chili sauce, it isn’t spicy at all but adds a sweet and savory kick to the wings. You can get six pieces for around 5 flex dollars, which I find a steal amongst bay area prices. The classic fries and tater tots are also offered, which I also often get. Late Night also has breakfast items like pancakes and breakfast burritos which are also very filling and delish!

2. Sweetheart Cafe

Sweetheart cafe is located on Durant next to Gypsies and across the street from Taco Bell. They stay open until around 2am everyday and offer good boba at an affordable cost! I also love their popcorn chicken, which I believe is the best popcorn chicken around Berkeley!! Their boba costs around 3 – 5 dollars depending on what kind you get but you also can get a discount if you play Pokemon Go! The popcorn chicken is around $7, but usually you can split it between a group of people because they give you a LOT of chicken. If you’re ever around Berkeley, definitely a must try. If you also like spicy foods, try the spiced up version, it’s a challenge you won’t regret.

3. Katsumi Sushi

A neighbor to sweetheart cafe is Katsumi Sushi! My roommate and I are sushi fanatics, so much that Katsumi became our go-to sushi place when we are craving a late night bite. Their service is really good, sometimes slow, and they offer their rolls at a reasonable price. I like their lion roll and their philadelphia roll, both of which are around or under 10 dollars. They make your sushi right on the spot, and I love that their fish is pretty fresh even if your order sushi late at night. I have yet to have a bad sushi experience with them. (I have heard some sushi places around Berkeley can use old fish :0) They also have snack pass available!

That’s all for today folks! I have some finals coming up next week and had a bit of a writer’s block so sorry for a short blog post! But definitely the food is amazing around Cal and I’m sure there are many more late night gems to find!

Author: Jiyoo Jeong

Hello! My name is Jiyoo and I am a second year at Cal studying Business, Statistics, and Computer Science. Other than burying myself in problem sets and projects, you might find me writing and drawing while snuggled in bed and watching Netflix or probing through thrift stores. I also enjoy my days when I get to go to SF to volunteer to help increase digital and art literacy and get to spend time on the weekends running a female entrepreneurs accelerator with Berkeley Skydeck! I hope you can read some of my experiences and be inspired to make your own at Berkeley!