Dead Week Have You Feeling Down? Here are My Favorite Ways to Recharge

Yup, it’s that time of the year. Classes are over and dead week has officially begun. Maybe you’re ahead of the game and have already gone to a review session, whipped out the highlighter, gone through practice exams… wow you’re a star. Or maybe you’re feeling a little burnt out and studying sounds like a Friday thing (and that’s alright too!). Either way, if you need a break (or something other than Facebook and Youtube to procrastinate) then this article is just for you! Here are my favorite ways to recharge during dead week:

#1 Hiking

Now that it’s May and the weather is absolutely perfect, I would highly recommend getting outside and testing out hiking one of the many trails we have here in Berkeley. Right by campus, there are the Fire Trails right behind Clark Kerr and the Big C near Bowles Hall. I’ve done both and can confirm that they are both beautiful and a lot of fun. I think hiking is such a great way to take a study break because it gives me a chance to get outside and moving which is so valuable after sitting at a desk for admittedly longer than I would like to. Personally, I find hiking to be really meditative and a great way to clear my head in between study sessions. Although fair warning, Berkeley hiking entails a lot of hills!

View from the Fire Trails behind Clark Kerr

#2 Go on an adventure

Sometimes quitting the books and getting out is exactly what you need. With BART being so close to campus, you have a prime opportunity to get out of Berkeley (even if it’s just for a few hours) and explore San Francisco. There are so many places to go whether it be the Painted Ladies, Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate Park, or Crissy Field. These are all places I have been to, and I can confirm that they are super fun and beautiful. SF has so many scenic spots so I would definitely recommend grabbing some friends and taking a day or afternoon trip!

One of my friends and me at Crissy Field

#3 Call your mom

Or your friend or your sister. But in all seriousness, talking to someone outside of the Berkeley bubble can be really helpful. It can be far too easy to get wrapped up in the finals craze, and being able to talk to someone outside of Berkeley and take your mind off of finals (even if just for a few minutes) can be the perfect way to recharge. Also, if you’ve been meaning to do this for a while but haven’t had the chance with your busy semester schedule, now is a perfect opportunity!

#4 Napping/Netflix

While getting out and being with friends is great, sometimes all you really need is some rest. If that’s the case, take that nap or watch that episode of Parks and Rec you’ve been dying to see. Yes, there is a lot to review this week, but being well-rested is super important too!

Dead week and finals can be stressful, but I hope you find some of these recharging methods to work for you. Good luck on finals, bears; you got this!

Author: Haley Stober

Hi everyone! My name is Haley, and I am a third year from Connecticut studying Molecular and Cell Biology. Outside of giving tours and writing for the blog, I am involved with on campus research, the American Medical Students Association, Berkeley Hillel, and greek life. I'm excited to share my Berkeley experiences with you and go bears!