My Summer at Cal

When I first decided I was going to stay in Berkeley over the summer, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Most of my friends were leaving, I was living in an apartment for the first time, and I was worried that I wouldn’t have much to do. However, I ended up loving staying at Cal, and I felt like I really got to make the most out of my summer. 

As an MCB major, I often find my schedule to be pretty full, so being able to alleviate some of the craze by taking Bio 1A was really helpful. Even though I was in class a lot, the material was really interesting, and everything definitely feels a little more laid back over the summer. I also didn’t have class on Fridays, which was a perfect opportunity to do some exploring.

One of my favorite adventures this summer was going to Mammoth and Yosemite. My friend Ryann and I left at 4:30am to drive to Mammoth and arrive by 9:30am. We spent the weekend hiking, and my favorite one was when we hiked Cathedral Lakes at Yosemite. The views were beautiful, and it was definitely worth the exhaustion. Also, being from Connecticut, it was super exciting to see snow on the hike!

some hiking views 🙂

A group of girls in my sorority and I figured out that we were all going to be staying here, so we started doing Tuesday night Bachelorette nights. Every Tuesday, we would pile up on one girl’s couch and watch the Bachelorette. In all honesty, I don’t think anyone could tell you anything about the show because we always ended up talking over it. It was a lot of fun and I loved getting to hear about everyone’s week. We also would go into San Francisco together whether that was to Crissy Field or to a mac and cheese festival. Our weekly Bachelorette nights and little adventures are some of my favorite memories from the summer. 

Staying in Berkeley for the summer creates the perfect opportunity to explore new places within Berkeley. Whether it was hiking the fire trails for the first time or discovering Italian Homemade on College Avenue, I learned a lot about the area just from spending so much time here. It was fun to discover new places, and I now have new coffee shops and restaurants to add to my repertoire. 

Committing to staying for the summer can be daunting at first, and I was definitely a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to be spending much time at home. However, I am so happy that I decided to stay because I ended up having one of the best summers here at Cal.

Author: Haley Stober

Hi everyone! My name is Haley, and I am a third year from Connecticut studying Molecular and Cell Biology. Outside of giving tours and writing for the blog, I am involved with on campus research, the American Medical Students Association, Berkeley Hillel, and greek life. I'm excited to share my Berkeley experiences with you and go bears!