Summer Sessions!

Me petting a llama or alpaca after a summer class!
Me petting a llama after a summer class on Memorial Glade!

After months of instruction, most students are eager to go home and relax for the summer months. However, with my great experience from last year, I decided to take a few summer classes again come May!


My summer experience last summer was fueled by multiple factors. I wanted to enroll in a UGBA course and learn more about project management, while also taking a math requirement course. I also decided to work throughout the week to save up money for my year’s worth of rent that I had signed up for starting June that summer.


While moving in was a long, stressful process, I was excited with a fresh outlook that I had my apartment to myself (!!) for a few weeks. I tried learning new recipes, one of the experiments actually tasted good. The autonomy was refreshing and I learned more about the berkeley campus and the local scenery. 


Throughout the school year, Berkeley can be overwhelming with its thousands of students roaming around the city streets and visitors. Its bustle is nice, but I also enjoyed the quieter summer Berkeley that allowed me to enjoy some of my favorite restaurants with minimal wait.


My classes were full of people from all over the world as international students came to learn from our esteemed professors! It was so interesting to learn of different people’s backgrounds- where they’re from, what brought them to this class, and what their future motivations are.


In 12 compact weeks, I was able to experience Berkeley in a new light while juggling different and new aspects of my life. It helped me lessen my course load for the coming semesters while I also got a chance to figure out how I should fit work into school. While fast paced, I liked learning in a smaller environment with fresh faces. 


While 16 weeks feels like a lot, I paced myself by taking two courses but one in session A and the other in session C. Summer Berkeley is split up into multiple sessions that span from 6 weeks, like session A, and 12 week, like session 12W. Session A and C are placed so that they barely overlap. I figured if I was going to stay at Berkeley all summer, then I would space out my classes so that I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the workload.


Pro tip: If you’re terrible at morning classes like me, don’t sign up for an 8am class Monday through Friday. I thought I could do it, but even with one class my body failed to walk up to Etcheverry every morning on time. 


Now I embark on another crazy summer session – this time I decided to take 2 classes in session A and C. While I plan on currently moving back to Berkeley after the stay-at-home order is released, I wonder what my summer will be like in this new Berkeley that will show me a different side to making the most of my time here and my undergraduate education.


Author: Jiyoo Jeong

Hello! My name is Jiyoo and I am a second year at Cal studying Business, Statistics, and Computer Science. Other than burying myself in problem sets and projects, you might find me writing and drawing while snuggled in bed and watching Netflix or probing through thrift stores. I also enjoy my days when I get to go to SF to volunteer to help increase digital and art literacy and get to spend time on the weekends running a female entrepreneurs accelerator with Berkeley Skydeck! I hope you can read some of my experiences and be inspired to make your own at Berkeley!