What to Do When You Want a Million Minors

I am someone who entered college thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to study. My entire high school career I dedicated my time to extracurriculars, community service, and internships that had to do with local politics. I thought I wanted to run for office and go to D.C. after college. I applied to UC Berkeley as an intended Political Science major, and I had no intention of that changing.

Then I took a political science class, and I completely lost interest in the subject. The class was actually pretty interesting, and the professor was fantastic, but for some reason political science just did not seem like my thing anymore. Whether that was because of the specific class, or my personal disdain for what American politics had become in the past couple of years, I just did not see myself pursuing politics anymore. Looking through the course catalog of political science major classes, I found myself not looking forward to taking any of them. I spent the rest of that night looking at all the different majors I could possibly switch to, and I finally found my perfect fit in the Legal Studies major. Even better, I had already completed three out of four pre-requisite classes without even planning to. I was all set to declare, and I did just that this past summer.

But even with my newfound excitement about the Legal Studies major, I still felt like it wasn’t enough. I felt like there had to be more that Berkeley had to offer that could cater to all of my interests. Seeing so many of my friends double major, I was determined to find something else to add on to my area of study. I didn’t want to study political science anymore, but I was still passionate about social justice. I had interests in current events, media, writing, human rights, sociology, psychology. I knew I couldn’t major in every single one of these – Cal doesn’t even offer a major for most. What I did find, though, was a list of potential minors. And that is when I dug myself into a major (minor) hole.

Human Rights, Journalism, Public Policy, Gender and Women’s Studies, Race and the Law, Education, Theater and Performance Studies. I had no idea how many minors I had to choose from, and how many I would have a real interest in pursuing. Do I choose Public Policy and stay somewhat in the realm of my original interest in politics? Do I choose Human Rights, which is something I’d love to pursue with a career in law? Do I choose Theater and Performance studies and stay connected to my background in the performing arts?

I still don’t know, but as I struggle with deciding which path to take, I’ve found myself incredibly grateful to be at an institution that not only offers so many areas of study that I know I would love, but that allows me to explore these areas of study without getting off track. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me and my potential minors, even if I might not be able to take on a million of them.

Author: Kalysta Garland

Hi! My name is Kalysta Garland, and I am an incoming sophomore at Cal majoring in Legal Studies and intending to minor in Human Rights. On campus I am a part of Greek Life and work as a Campus Ambassador.