How to Survive with 25 Units at UC Berkeley

Is it possible to survive with 25 units at UC Berkeley? Let’s think about that for a moment…With academics being rigorous at Cal as well as the millions of other things you need to do, your answer might be: NO WAY. Why in the world would I do that to myself in the first place? That’s a great question. And the answer is…you don’t need to! However, if you do and have no other choice, then this blog is tailored to you—those who are thinking of taking a high unit load in the future semesters.

Before deciding on taking on your high unit semester, ask yourself...what do you want to accomplish from this?
Before taking on a high course load, ask yourself…what do you want to accomplish from this?

Before we dive into how to “survive” with 25 units, let’s analyze why you wanted to take this high of a course load in the first place. There are definitely benefits to this—here are my top 5 REASONS to why taking a lot of units can benefit your life: 1) You earn your money’s worth in regards to tuition, 2) You complete your prerequisites and classes for your major faster than other students, 3) You get to be productive for the entire semester, 4) You will learn A LOT, 5) You will most likely become a better version of yourself after the semester ends. Now, there are disadvantages as well. These include: 1) Not being able to spend as much time with friends, 2) Being under stress majority of the time, 3) Higher likelihood of burnout. Before you take that 25 units, ask yourself…will this benefit me in the long run? Did I do a cost and benefit analysis?

If you still decide to proceed, then props to you for taking on this journey. You are definitely one of the few folks who are able to do so. Now that you decided to do this…keep in mind that you will need to develop particular habits and values in order to be successful in all your courses. The habits can include but are not limited to: Great time management/organizational skills, awesome note taking/studying habits, and being responsible in taking care of your own physical and mental state (ex. physical fitness and meditation). These are crucial for a successful semester. If you don’t have these habits down, no worries…you still have time to practice them! Get started early so you don’t regret it later.

My 25 Unit schedule this semester.
My 25 Unit schedule this semester.

On the other hand, there are also values that you MUST have: hard work, perseverance, and grit. It’s surprisingly easy to get frustrated with your assignments, other people, or just anything that causes you stress. However, I’ve learned that it’s in this state that life is testing you. If you continue to be affected by external stressors, then it’s harder for you to be successful. Thus, whenever you’re in this state of mind, keep calm and concentrate. Remember why you are doing this in the first place. Along with your habits and values, make sure that you are taking advantage of ALL RESOURCES around you. This can be your friends/family, your GSIs, your professor, or the internet! Visualize yourself as a sponge that absorbs everything. These resources can not only act as academic support, but they are also needed for your emotional and spiritual well being. And…that’s a WRAP!  I’ve given you my ultimate advice on how to survive a 25 unit semester at UC Berkeley. Now, it’s time for your to crush it! 🙂

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