College cooking: The perfect way to take a productive break

For many students, moving into an off-campus apartment is the first time you’re truly responsible for finding furniture, cleaning your living space, keeping track of bill payments, and, most importantly, feeding yourself — essentially everything that comes along with “adulting.” When I moved into my first apartment two months ago, I was excited for the independence that would come with it, but also equally, if not more, nervous about all these new responsibilities. However, I’ve come to appreciate the fact that taking care of these responsibilities gives me a break from my schoolwork, and there’s none I get more satisfaction from than cooking for myself. read more

Getting Real About Safety on Campus

Bear Transit Bus
Safe and fuel-efficient buses that run on biofuel year round for student, staff and faculty members.

Before coming to Cal, my mom was like almost every other mom, stressing about my safety while I’m away. This is a completely normal reaction! However, I have felt safe almost always at Berkeley and whenever I didn’t, there were a plethora of resources that were able to support me. You may be going through the same worries that my mom had before I came to campus. So, I want to share with you the realities and expectations of safety at Cal in order to reassure you that safety is taken seriously on campus. read more

A Not So Serious Guide for How to Survive a Semester on Zoom Part 2

Hello, welcome back to the hitchhiker’s guide to buffoonery-no wrong title, welcome back to Michael and Kaelyn’s Not So Serious Semester in Zoom Survival Guide! We hope you enjoyed our first post and if you haven’t seen it, why the heck not? Go check it out right now! You’ll be so confused if you don’t 🙁 Anyway… please enjoy the end to our attempt at trying to be helpful. I’m Kaelyn, still writing in Italics! I’m Michael, still writing “advice” in the regular text!

Setting Up Good Study Habits read more

A Not So Serious Guide for How to Survive a Semester on Zoom

Hello Zoomies!!!! Welcome to our two-part guide on how to masterfully survive the most asocial semester since I wore headgear and glasses in middle school. We will teach you how to Ace your classes while still making all the crazy memories college is known for (like skipping classes to study for your Comp Sci midterm). So strap on your virtual seatbelts and get ready for a lot of incoherent advice from your two favorite buffoons for campus ambassadors.

A little bit of background on the two of us. I am Michael, a second-year student studying data science and loneliness. Also on this post is Kaelyn, a third-year student studying Geography (she doesn’t understand how Google Maps works so she had to major in it), Society & Environment, and whatever her boyfriend is watching on Netflix. Hi, all! I’m Kaelyn. Happy to be here. I’ll be here writing in italics! Thank you for that great introduction Michael, but excuse you my boyfriend only watches Hulu for your information.  read more