Virtual Greek Life

When I got to Cal, one thing I was really excited about was joining Greek Life. My cousins were in Greek Life when they were in college, and they’re still friends with girls from their sorority even now in that they are in their 30s. They inspired me to go through recruitment and find my own life-long friends. After I rushed, my sorority house became my second home during my freshman year. I had so many amazing experiences and Greek Life was one thing that really helped me balance UC Berkeley academics with a social life that made my college experience feel well-rounded. I never imagined that the experiences I was having in my sorority as a freshman would only last one year.

Now, I live in my sorority, but it doesn’t feel the same as it did when I would visit my friends in the house last year. There are less than 20 women living in a house made for 50. Besides the women living in the house, I don’t get to see any of the amazing friends I made last year. The social events are online movie nights, work outs, and game nights, which are all fun, but aren’t the same. I miss my sorority house being a place where I could escape from any stress and just hang out with my friends.

Something that keeps me excited about Greek Life are the new members we recruited this Fall. They attend every online event and are really excited about the house. Even though they don’t get the same experience that I had last year, they’re just happy to be in the house and meet all the new people, even virtually. They remind me to make the best of every situation, even if I long for last year’s excitement. I’m excited for them to be able to come to the house and eventually have in-person events in the future.

Even if things are so different than last year, and I miss all of the fun I had as a freshman at Cal, I’m still so glad that I joined a sorority. The friends that I made last year keep me busy during a pandemic that can sometimes feel lonely. My sorority house gave me an opportunity to move back to Berkeley rather than stay home this semester. Even in a pandemic, I’ve gotten to meet so many new girls through recruitment that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. A lot of good things in my life now are a result of the friends and choices I made last year through Greek Life, and I am so grateful for that.

Author: Kalysta Garland

Hi! My name is Kalysta Garland, and I am an incoming sophomore at Cal majoring in Legal Studies and intending to minor in Human Rights. On campus I am a part of Greek Life and work as a Campus Ambassador.