DOs and DON’Ts as a Cal Pre-Med Student

What should you DO and DON’T DO as a Cal Pre-Med Student? If you’re curious, then you’re in the right spot! In order to be successful in your path to medical school while attending  UC Berkeley, then you will need to establish certain habits that you may or may not already have.

DOs and DON'Ts as a Cal Pre-Med Student
DOs and DON’Ts as a Cal Pre-Med Student

Before we dive into the DOs and DON’Ts of being a Cal Pre-Med, take some time to jot down a few ideas of your own. What do you think you should DO in these 4 years to be successful as an academic student? What do you think you should totally AVOID during these 4 years? Now, match your ideas to this guide and see how much of them align!

Here’s everything you need to consider on your path to medical or graduate school:


  • Do Attend Lecture! Make sure you attend lecture weekly and don’t fall behind. Falling behind is the worst thing you can do for yourself. You will accumulate a lot of work and stress if you don’t make attending lecture a habit. Lots of my friends chose to sleep in or do other things instead of attending lecture and they regretted their decision in the end.
  • Do Choose Extracurriculars Based on your Passion! I’ve seen so many pre-meds choose activities that they don’t want to do. They do them because “it looks good” on their app for medical school. Although there are certain requirements that you need to meet as a pre-med (such as getting a clinical or research position, a volunteering role, etc.), it’s much better to do the things that you enjoy while meeting the same requirements. For example, if you love to interact with patients and do clinical work rather than research, then don’t force yourself and feel obligated to get a research position, on let’s say, gene editing and sequencing. The reason is because you’ll end up hating what you do and be miserable in your undergrad years.
  • Do Make Time for Yourself and the Things You Love! As busy pre-meds are, you NEED to make time for yourself or else you will burn out. Don’t schedule every block of your time for classes and studying. Learn to balance your busy schedule with the things that you love to do!


  • Don’t Procrastinate! The worst thing you can do is to procrastinate on assignments, projects, and studying for your exams. Know that work builds up and it gets harder when you need to cram everything in a short time period. If you manage your time well and get your tasks done in a timely manner, then I can assure that you will be successful!
  • Don’t Spend so Much Time on Content Review But More On Practice Exams! This is a rookie mistake! Over the 3 years at UC Berkeley, I finally discovered the aspect that hurt my exam scores…I spent too much time reviewing the content on lectures and assignments. Majority of your midterms and final exams will be based on the same format and structure as previous years’ exams so it is essential that you do all the practice exams possible. These are the things that count.

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