Dear Sophomore Year

Dear sophomore year,

I’m so glad you’re almost over. This year has been so hard in so many ways, I’m ready to move forward and leave you in the past. Spending a full academic year virtually has really helped me come to appreciate normal college life more. I’m tired of never leaving my house and I miss all the clichés from my freshman year. Staying in the libraries until they close, sitting down in class out of breath because I hate having gaps in between my classes and have to run sometimes, spending all day on campus and walking home as the sun sets.

All of that was stolen from me and everyone else on campus this year, and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive you for that. Sophomore year, why did you have to be so hard? Zoom burnout, academic burnout, social burnout which I didn’t even think was possible considering I only ever see my housemates. I’ve taken to making jokes about how I peaked last year, how fall 2019 was the best year of my life. But as time progressed and now we’re here at the end of it all I can’t help but feel the truth in that sentiment.

Sophomore year, while you were kind of awful I want to focus on the good that came out of you. I rediscovered why I’m passionate about my majors, and I changed my concentration in the Rhetoric department which I am so excited about. Speaking of Rhetoric, I just filed for the paperwork to declare it as my second major, having also declared my first (Philosophy) last fall. You’ve given me the chance to really bond with the people I live with, creating a really supportive atmosphere that I could not have made it through the pandemic without. My classes really kept me afloat, providing structure and routine. Just like last year, I had some really cool professors and GSIs that I hope to stay connected with, maybe take a class with them in person. Overall, I’ve just been existing. It was kind of cool to be a part of history like this, but I’m ready for it to be over now.

Next year is already off to a much better start (no offense). Being in small departments, all of my classes will be in person meaning I get to be on campus again. I’m passing on the mantel of Director of Security in the UC Rally Committee to a really wonderful and dedicated new member who I am beyond excited to mentor and help. Not only that, but I’ve made a few new friends who I care about so deeply, and I’m anxious for the day that we meet in person and I can give them the biggest hug. Even though I won’t have an executive position in the UCRC, I’ve come to terms with that and am ready to help my friends who did in any way I can. I’m excited for them to move back to Berkeley as well. I live with lot of them already, but it’s just not the same without everyone.

I think the hardest part is how many people are graduating this year. I hate that their senior year was ripped from them, and I hate that I have to watch them go without really even getting to say goodbye. I know it’ll hurt like this every year, like it did last year, but this one is a little bit different. If any of you seniors are reading this, you made this year special for me and I’m going to miss you so hard.

I want to apologize, because I know that when I look back on you I’ll see you as the worst year of my life. But it wasn’t all bad, and deep down I’ll remember that too, although I’ll be too stubborn to admit it. One day, sophomore year will be a great story to tell.

Shout out to my sophomore term ending, and here’s to the next one. I’ll see you in a year. And, of course, go bears.

With love,



P.S. to the senior who reads all these posts, runs the blog, and made me the campus ambassador that I am right now: you were such an amazing cohort leader and I’m thankful for that every time I clock in to work. Congrats on graduating, you’re going to do some amazing things I just know it 🙂


Author: Bridget Bernet

Howdy! My name is Bridget, I am a junior here at UC Berkeley, double majoring in philosophy and rhetoric with a concentration in narrative and image. I love all forms of writing, which is why I decided to write for Bear Talk :) and I'm so excited to share my perspective on this amazing campus. From cheering on the sports teams to studying in Moses Hall, every moment here is a special one, and I plan on documenting it all. Go Bears!